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a video downloader written in Python

Project description


A video downloader focus on China mainland video sites.

Origin website:

Now, it has migrated to the new website:

And, it is still looking for a new owner, see #565.

This project is a fork of you-get with below changes.

  • Structured source code.
  • Focus on China mainland video sites.
  • Dropped supports of Python 3.4 and below (see #487).

Simple installation guide

There are some useful software package managers.

  1. Dependencies

    FFmpeg, for merge media files.
    mpv, default media player (optimal compatibility).
  2. Python 3

  3. pip and setuptools, make sure they are updated.

    python3 -m ensurepip
    python3 -m pip install pip --upgrade
    python3 -m pip install setuptools --upgrade
  4. ykdl from PyPI or GitHub

    pip3 install ykdl --upgrade
    pip3 install --force-reinstall --no-deps
    pip3 install --upgrade
  5. Make sure those folders are in your PATH, if they are not, add them.

    Windows: folders of ffmpeg.exe, mpv.exe, and python.exe, and folder “<PYTHONHOME>\Scripts”
    others: “~/.local/bin” or “/usr/local/bin”

Site status

Please check wiki page: sites-status

Bugs report, features require, and pull requests are welcome.

Change Log for ykdl


  • fix compatibility bug on Python 3.9 and below (#604)


  • add support HTTP cache
  • add support interactive mode
  • add –show-all argument
  • improve handling of media title and filename
  • API has been changed (#600 @fraic)
  • support new sites: iXiGua
  • update GeneralSimple, Bilibili, DouYin, YinYueTai


warning:<lots of breaks>
  • add Brotli support (extra)
  • fix output and update dependencies
  • update Bilibili, Douban, Huya, iQIYI, Weibo
  • more see early PRE-releases

1.8.0 beta 1

warning:<lots of breaks except CLI>
  • code clear and unified code style
  • split JSEngine as standalone package
  • refactor many core modules, now they become powerful and ease for use
  • add support for persistent connection
  • add support for crypto M3U
  • add support for multi streams in same format, and lower quality fallback for –format
  • remove EOL sites: Bobo, Chushou, Huomao
  • fix bug which wrong pack of wheel
  • fixed many bugs
  • updated some sites

1.8.0 alpha 2

  • bugfix of alpha 1
  • update Douyin, Sina, GeneralSimple
  • many improves

1.8.0 alpha 1

  • warning:<break> update setup interrelated deefef9 10303eb #573
  • warning:<break> change matchall arguments to same as match1 c5229b6
  • add new extractor: generalsimple, singlemultimedia e793453
  • resolve SSL issues in old OS and package m3u8 1ccfa6b
  • fixed dull Ctrl+C fec3a16
  • support new sites: Funshion, Heibai #278 #552 thx @airdge
  • update Weibo
  • remove Xiami


  • support new sites: Douyin
  • update Huya, Youku, MGTV


  • add subtitle support #544
  • refactor Weibo
  • improved utils html and m3u8
  • update Bilibili, Douyu, iQIYI, MGTV, NetEase, PPTV, QQ


  • dropped supports of Python 3.4 and below #487
  • a lot of improvements with utils #372 a8651a0 #485 d1a6e53 5dfc760 etc.
  • extractor class has been changed 641b739 c8c819c
  • fixed download name #496
  • update AcFun, Bilibili, CCTV/CNTV, Douyu, Huya, iQIYI, JustFun, LeTV, Mango, Miaopai, NetEase, PPTV, Qixiu, QQ, Sohu, Weibo, Youku
  • remove Dilidili, Panda


  • update Sohu, mgtv, sina, etc a lot by @SeaHOH


  • update QQ, bilibili, panda a lot by @SeaHOH
  • misc updates


  • fix youku/tudou, QQ, mgtv, 163, bilibili by @SeaHOH


  • new internal proxy for slow video playback. by @SeaHOH
  • update youku, many bug fixed.
  • update bilibili, new api, playlist bug fixed.
  • update HTTP redirection for
  • use cryptodome as default.


  • update bilibili bangumi a lot, better
  • update youku, support check audio_lang
  • update huya, new api
  • update acfun, 163 Dj and QQ
  • update mpv’s default parameters.


  • support bilibili bangumi by new extractor
  • support new sites: Zhangyu, Chushou
  • update QQ, important!! by @SeaHOH
  • update Youku, Tudou, not finished.
  • update Huomao, douyu, iqiyi
  • update sohu and mpv wrapper, thanks to @SeaHOH


  • update bilibili, tudou, weibo, etc.
  • update mpv wrapper, thanks to @SeaHOH


  • update youku, panda, le, zhanqi, longzhu, laifeng, huajiao, etc.
  • many updates for windows platform, thanks to @SeaHOH
  • README.rst updated.


  • update bilibili, youku, quanmin live, 163, douyu, etc.
  • support,
  • update player wrapper
  • -F/–format now accept int value as level of resolution.


  • update videoinfo, add ua/referrer.
  • update douyu, bilibili, youku
  • cykdl support no proxy


  • update 163 music, pptv, youku
  • update python2 support
  • update ffmpeg&mpv wrapper


  • support new sites: sina open course
  • delete: isuntv, instagram, dailymotion, alive, ted
  • update bilibili, acfun, sohu, youku, tudou
  • update downloader


  • support new sites: dilidili
  • update letv, youku
  • update downloader


  • support new sites: ifeng/163 open course
  • update QQ, acfun, weibo, ifeng
  • update youku, due to api changed
  • misc changes


  • fix bug when len(urls) == 1
  • update mgtv, huomao, bilibili
  • restructure ykdl, using setuptools
  • misc changes


  • acfun: add missing sign
  • python2 fix
  • using ThreadPoolExecutor for multithread download
  • rename short opt for json out to capital J
  • add -j –jobs for multithread download jobs number, default is NR_CPUS


  • fix iqiyi with code clean
  • update bilibili Episode title
  • update douyu live room name
  • use yield to speedup playlist
  • python2 fix


  • fix Acfun again
  • fix douyu live
  • support multithread download, NOTE: this is not finished


  • fix Acfun
  • fix letv


  • change version string to 3 digital
  • fix qq, douyu, mgtv, QQ. etc.
  • report stream_types in json

  • fix letv live, cctv, xiami, QQ
  • support douyu video, kankannews, Quanmin Live
  • update common alias dict


  • port PPTV, yizhibo from upstream/PL
  • update Bilibili.
  • partially support Taobao

  • update bilibili playlist.
  • update ACfun.
  • support youku mp5

  • update bilibili for eid and title.
  • update ACfun for match pattern, and playlist
  • update main script to fix bugs, add -O option
  • add warning in m3u8_wrapper

  • update bilibili, ACfun
  • update setup script, test makefile

  • update douyu, QQ, generalembed

  • update Acfun, huomao, youku
  • add gitter

  • update generalembed, le live, douyu, zhanqi


  • update iqiyi
  • merge option removed
  • get proxy from system proxy settings
  • some other update


  • refact code a lot
  • update iqiyi
  • update setup for windows platform

  • quick fix for youku, find a mistake

  • update iqiyi support more stream profiles
  • update m3u8 download with ffpmeg
  • update letv
  • update stream profile code


  • fix iqiyi, QQ
  • support huajiao live
  • remove lots of dead sites, include youtube
  • many other updates

  • update README.rst, CHANGELOG.rst
  • support laifeng live
  • fix zhanqi
  • add travis-ci

  • misc changes on setup, code refactor

  • right way to add requirements


  • add experimental merge feature.
  • video titles are changed for many sites.
  • longzhu live is improved.
  • live video authors are added when possible.
  • subtitle feature is planned but moved to danmu branch.

  • bug fix for baomihua
  • add test for extractors status.

  • fix unqoute issue in python2, since v1.0.9 is released
  • a draft binary release is done. feedback is welcome.


  • new sites are supported

    1. huya live and video
    2. longzhu live
  • python2 are supported

    almost done

    big change

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