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Beautify your Git Logs !

Project description

YoLog !
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Beautify your git logs !

Here is how default git logs look like:

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Yolog wraps over standard git log and represents commit message history in a compact manner. It provides a
visualization of commit graph, and shows refs, tags and unmerged branches altogether. A yolog powered git log looks
like this:

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Obtain stable release from PyPI
pip install yolog

Alternatively, to obtain the bleeding edge version, clone the repo and build it from source:
git clone
cd yolog && python install


* To view yolog powered git log, simply execute ``yolog`` in terminal.

* For brief instructions, execute ``yolog -h`` or ``yolog --help`` in terminal.

* For changing color of any attribute, execute command of format ``yolog config attribute COLOR``.

- Alternatively, ``-c`` or ``--config`` work as well.
- ``attribute`` can be one of: ``author, date, description, hash, refs``
- Arguments ``attribute`` and ``COLOR`` are case insensitive.

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* It also accepts arguments which are used to filter output. These arguments are same as those accepted by standard
git log.

Here are the most common used ones:

| Command Example | Description |
| ``yolog -n N`` | Display recent ``N`` commits. |
| ``yolog --skip N`` | Skip recent ``N`` commits and display further. |
| ``yolog --author "john\ doe"`` | Filter commits according to author. |
| | Part of name / whole will be accepted. |
| ``yolog --before dd-mmm-yyyy`` | Display commits before this date. |
| | |
| ``yolog --until dd/mmm/yyyy`` | Hyphen (-) or slash (/) can be used interchangeably. |
| ``yolog --after dd/mmm/yyyy`` | Display commits after this date. |
| | |
| ``yolog --since dd-mmm-yyyy`` | Hyphen (-) or slash (/) can be used interchangeably. |
| ``yolog --grep "foo\ bar"`` | Display commits with "foo bar" in their description. |

* Any of these can be combined together and used.
* ``=`` can be optionally used in args as: ``yolog --skip=10``
* Regular expressions are also accepted in ``grep`` and ``author``.
* Use inverted commas and escape character if using whitespace: ``yolog --grep "fixes\ bug"``


- Tabulated commit history with shortened hashes, author, date and commit message (refs included if present).
- Colored fields for better readability, with visualization of commit graph.
- Vertical as well as horizontol pagination for longer commit history / smaller terminal window.
- Flexibility to change color of any part of log by a single command.


Feel free to file bugs, ask questions and suggest enhancements through Issues and Pull Requests !


Yolog is released under MIT 2016 License.

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