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A python library to subscribe channel on youtube automatically.

Project description

Yt-Channel-Subscribe is a python library to subscribe youtube channel automatically.It currently runs only on windows.


In this example we first import library, then we login with cookies, then we subscribe channel on youtube.

from yt_channel_subscribe import *
    "domain": "",
    "expirationDate": 1676431710.556339,
    "hostOnly": false,
    "httpOnly": false,
    "name": "__Secure-3PAPISID",
    "path": "/",
    "sameSite": "no_restriction",
    "secure": true,
    "session": false,
    "storeId": "0",
    "value": "ZyIV9eK7BkQoQ36b/AmdNVfNhZBCfBCbHV",
    "id": 1
#please replace the above sample cookies with your cookies, can see below link of how to fetch cookies

This module depends on the following python modules


btstudio is needed for browser automation. As soon as this library is imported in code, automated browser will open up. To subscribe first login will need to be done. Login can be done either with credentials or via cookies

Complete documentation for YouTube Automation available here


pip install yt-channel-subscribe


from yt_channel_subscribe import *

Login with credentials

youtube.login(username="youtube username",password="youtube password")

Login with cookies




Send Feedback to Developers

btstudio.send_feedback(feedback="Need help with this ......")


To login with cookies Edit this Cookie Extension can be added to browser. Please check this link how to get cookies to login to your youtube.

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