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Young YouTube library

Project description

yt_lib: Young YouTube library

yt_lib is the unofficial library for YouTube, which supports operations with likes, subscriptions, comments.

>>> from yt_lib import states
>>> from yt_lib import YoutubeClient
>>> client = YoutubeClient(cookies=cookies)
>>> client.init_session()
>>> client.subscribe('UCtinbF-Q-fVthA0qrFQTgXQ', states.SubscribeAction.SUBSCRIBE)
<ActResult.SUCCESS: 1>

Feature Support

The library begins to take its first steps, so the list is small.

  • Rates (like, dislikes and take back)
  • Subscriptions (and unsubscribes)
  • Writing comments


To install yt_lib, simply run this simple command in your terminal of choice:

$ pip install yt_lib

yt_lib is actively developed on GitHub, where the code is always available.

You can either clone the public repository:

$ git clone


First make sure thar yt_lib is installed.

Let's get started with some simple examples.


Begin by importing the yt_lib and yt_lib.states modules:

>>> import yt_lib
>>> from yt_lib import states

Now let's create YouTubeClient, this requires youtube cookies. Cookies required to work: apisid, consent, hsid, login_info, pref, sapisid, sid, sidcc, ssid, visitor_info1_live. Imagine that we already have them:

>>> client = YoutubeClient(cookies=cookies)

Now let's initialize the session. Nothing will work without it:

>>> client.init_session()

Now we can subscribe to the channel. for this we need a type of subscription (unsubscribe / subscription), we will take it from the module states:

>>> client.subscribe('UCtinbF-Q-fVthA0qrFQTgXQ', states.SubscribeAction.SUBSCRIBE)
    <ActResult.SUCCESS: 1>

We got an response. In our case, this is SUCCESS, which means that the subscription was successful.


In the same way we can like:

>>> client.rate('V6Y-ahQFQDA', states.LikeAction.LIKE)
    <ActResult.SUCCESS: 1>

or dislike:

>>> client.rate('V6Y-ahQFQDA', states.LikeAction.DISLIKE)
    <ActResult.SUCCESS: 1>

or take action back:

>>> client.rate('V6Y-ahQFQDA', states.LikeAction.TAKE_BACK)
    <ActResult.SUCCESS: 1>

That's not all, but l'm too lazy to describe the rest. See the description of methods.

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