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Clever, quick iterators that make your smile whiter

Project description

# yter

Version 3.1.1 2023, June 23

Clever, quick iterator functions that make your smile whiter.

This will work with versions of Python 2.6+ and 3.2+.

## Functions

There are many functions that process data from iterators in efficient ways.

  • yany – Extended version of the builtin any, test if any values are true

  • yall – Extended version of the builtin all, test if all values are true

  • ylen – Complete an iterator and get number of values

  • first – Get the first value from an iteraterable

  • last – Get the final value from an iteraterable

  • head – Get the first values from an iteraterable

  • tail – Get the last values from an iteraterable

  • minmax – Find the minimum and maximum values from an iterable

  • isiter – Test if an object is iterable, but not a string type

  • uniter – Efficient copy of non sequence data

  • repeat – Efficient lazy copy of non sequence data

## Iterators

There are several iterators that wrap an existing iterator and process it’s output.

  • call – Iterator that works with mixed callable types

  • percent – Iterator that skips a percentage of values

  • flat – Iterator of values from a iterable of iterators

  • chunk – Iterator of lists with a fixed size from iterable

  • key – Iterator of pairs of key result and original values

  • choose – Split into iterators for true and false values

  • unique – Iterate only the unique values

  • duplicates – Iterate only the duplicated values

  • recurse – Recurse values from a callable

## Keys

Utility functions that are useful to use as a key argument

  • format – Create a function that formats given values into strings

  • numeric – Split a string into string and integer sections

  • getter – Shorthand for attrgetter, itemgetter, and methodcaller operators

[More documentation]( found in the repository.

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