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Find newer package versions on PyPI

Project description


Find newer versions of your installed Python packages, or newer versions of packages in a buildout file.

This package provides a console script named checkversions.


you can install this package either in a virtualenv:

$ virtualenv sandbox
$ sandbox/bin/pip install z3c.checkversions
$ sandbox/bin/checkversions --help

or in your system:

$ sudo pip install z3c.checkversions
$ checkversions --help

or in a buildout:

parts = checkversions

eggs=z3c.checkversions [buildout]

Note that buildout support is optional and must be enabled with [buildout] so that zc.buildout is installed as well.

If you need buildout support while installing this package via pip you have to install it like this:

pip install z3c.checkversions[buildout]


$ checkversions -h
Usage: checkversions [-v] [-1] [-l LEVEL] [-i INDEX] [-b BLACKLIST] [buildout_file]

This script will check new package versions of either your current installed
distributions or a buildout file if provided. It can detect major or minor
versions availability: level 0 gets the highest version (X.y.z), level 1 gets
the highest intermediate version (x.Y.z), level 2 gets the highest minor
version (x.y.Z).  Using level 2, you can automatically retrieve all bugfix
versions of a buildout.  If you provide a blacklist file with bad versions,
these versions won't be suggested.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l LEVEL, --level=LEVEL
                        Version level to check
  -i INDEX, --index=INDEX
                        Provide and alternative package index URL
  -b BLACKLIST, --blacklist=BLACKLIST
                        Provide a blacklist file with bad versions
  -1, --incremental     Suggest only one upgrade. Skip others.
  -v, --verbose         Verbose mode (prints old versions too)


For installed packages

Example with a virtualenv:

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages sandbox
$ sandbox/bin/pip install z3c.checkversions
$ sandbox/bin/checkversions -v -l 1
# Checking your installed distributions
pip=0.7.1 # was: 0.6.3

For a buildout

It can work either with a full buildout.cfg or with a simple versions.cfg file.

Here is a sample versions.cfg file:


You can generate a new versions.cfg

$ checkversions -v -l 1 versions.cfg
# Checking buildout file versions.cfg
somepackage=0.6.2 # was: 0.5.0
otherpackage=0.1.2 # was: 0.1.1

If you provide a blacklist file, such as blacklist.cfg containing bad versions, such as:


Then these versions won’t be suggested:

$ checkversions -v -l 1 versions.cfg -b blacklist.cfg
# Checking buildout file versions.cfg
somepackage=0.6.0 # was: 0.5.0
otherpackage=0.1.2 # was: 0.1.1

If you enable the –incremental option, only one upgrade will be suggested:

$ checkversions --incremental -v -l 1 versions.cfg
# Checking buildout file versions.cfg
somepackage=0.6.0 # was: 0.5.0

Run tests

Uncompress the archive, then run:

$ virtualenv .
$ bin/pip install tox
$ tox


2.0 (2023-02-14)

  • Add support for Python 3.10, 3.11.

  • Drop support for Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6.

  • Pin setuptools < 66 as newer versions are no longer compatible.

1.2 (2020-04-13)

  • Add support for Python 3.8, drop support for Python 3.4.

  • Improve error message in case zc.buildout is not installed.

  • Improve installation instruction.

  • Pass the index url to both the ‘installed’ and ‘buildout’ checkers.

1.1 (2018-11-03)

  • Add support for Python 3.7.

  • Drop support for python test.

1.0 (2018-05-23)

  • Fix compatibility with setuptools 39 by using an API introduced in setuptools 8. (GH #8)

  • Add support for Python 3.5, 3.6 and PyPy3.

  • Drop support for Python 2.6 and 3.3.

  • Standardize namespace __init__.

0.5 (2014-09-15)

  • Python 3 support by Nicolas Dietrich (GH #2, GH #4)

0.4.2 (2013-10-02)

  • ignore installed packages while searching for new versions, only look in the package index (makes the test suite more reliable, among other things).

  • fix IndexError: list index out of range when buildout.cfg had a package with a blank version pin.

  • show updates for non-final package versions, if there’s a newer non-final version available on PyPI (GH #1)

0.4.1 (2010-08-25)

  • fixed edge case bug where 1.0 was never updated to 1.0.x

  • warn buildout users about the extra requirement

0.4 (2010-07-26)

  • added a blacklist option for passing versions to avoid (possibly coming from a buildbot)

  • added a incremental option to suggest only one upgrade

  • remove a temporary file during tests

0.3 (2010-07-09)

  • don’t accumulate old comments

  • prefer final versions

0.2 (2010-05-22)

  • added a verbose option to print old versions as well

  • updated metadata, doc and license

0.1 (2010-05-16)

  • Initial release

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