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Implementation of the WebDAV protocol for Zope3

Project description


The *z3c.dav* package is an implementation of the WebDAV protocol for Zope3.
*z3c.dav* supports the ** content type, within the scope of the
core RFC2518 protocol. *z3c.dav* also contains a number of components that
help developers support WebDAV in their application. These components include
the ability to handle WebDAV specific errors, to generate multi-status
responses, and an implementation of all core WebDAV methods exist that use
zope component to lookup specific adapters that perform the required action.
For example locking parses the request and then looks up a IDAVLockmanager
adapter to perform the locking and unlocking of objects. But if the required
adapter does not exist then a `405 Method Not Allowed` response is returned
to the client.

Add-on packages exist to support other standard Zope3 content types and
services. These include:

* z3c.davapp.zopeappfile

Defines a common WebDAV data model for, and content objects.

* z3c.davapp.zopefile

Defines a common WebDAV data model for zope.file.file.File content objects.

* z3c.davapp.zopelocking

Implements wrappers around the zope.locking utility to integrate with

Each of these packages uses an other Zope3 package to provide the underlying

Changes in z3c.dav


- Be more pedantic in parsing `IF' conditional header. Raise `BadRequest'
exception when no conditions are present in the header. Handle condition
when there are no state tokens known by the system, here the conditional
request should fail.

- Improved the handling of `Unauthorized' and `Forbidden' errors during the
processing of `PROPFIND' requests. Basically we return a `Unauthorized'
response requesting the user to log-in when the problem occurs on the
requested resource otherwise we render the problem into the `multistatus'
response. In the case where we aren't allowed to list a folder we ignore
the contents, unless it is the requested resource.

- Register views for the `' exceptions.

- Remove all the deprecation warnings.


- Fix bug in COPY / MOVE methods when the destination URL contained quoted
characters -

- MKCOL and PROPFIND methods needed to expect a string as a value for the
content-length header -


- Stricter property validation

- Some servers pass the `Content-Length` header value as a string

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