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Profiler skin for Zope3

Project description

This package provides a profiler skin which allows you to profile pages.

Detailed Documentation

Web-based Profiler

This package offers a profiler including a skin. This profiler allows you to profile views on a existing Zope3 application.

Let’s access the profiler start page:

>>> from z3c.etestbrowser.testing import ExtendedTestBrowser
>>> user = ExtendedTestBrowser()
>>> user.addHeader('Accept-Language', 'en')

If you access the profiler, you can push the start button:

>>> user.getControl('Start').click()
>>> 'Show Profile' in user.contents

Now we can go to the help.html page which gets profiled. Let’s use another browser for this.

>>> newBrowser = ExtendedTestBrowser()
>>> newBrowser.url

After calling the help.html page, we can go to the doProfile page and show the profile by clicking on the Show Profile button:

>>> user.getControl('Show Profile').click()

If we whould not call this form within this test, we whould see the profile data table. But we do not see the profile data table. Probably the testrunner conflicts with the monkey call.

>>> print user.contents
      No data available.


0.10.0 (2010-08-19)

  • Using python’s doctest module instead of deprecated zope.testing.doctest.

  • Fixed bin/app by requiring zope.login.

  • Removed some not needed dependecies:,, z3c.coverage.

  • Moved dependency on to an app extra in as the tests do not need it and the profiler may be used in a WSGI application then it is not needed, too.

  • Declared zope.dublincore in app extra, too, as it is not needed by the tests but bin/app requires now version 3.7 to run.

0.9.0 (2009-12-26)

  • Use zope.browserpage and zope.browserresource instead of

0.8.1 (2009-12-26)

  • Fixed processing profile data for display in web UI, so the data is now displayed on the web page. Kept the previous behavior to print unprocessed profile data on stdout.

  • Removed unused dependency on z3c.i18n.

  • Removed not necessary and undeclared test depenency on

  • Removed zpkg and ZCML install slugs.

0.8.0 (2009-06-19)

  • Removed no longer necessary dependencies on,,,

  • Removed dependency on z3c.layer.minimal, as it is not used.

  • Removed no longer necessary test dependencies on,,

0.7.1 (2009-04-05)

  • Removed unnecessary dependencies on and

0.7.0 (2009-03-14)

  • Use current zope.configuration instead of deprecated zc.configuration to get exclude directive.

0.6.0 (2009-02-19)

  • No longer uses deprecated z3c.layer.

  • Fixed dependencies and tests.

0.5.1 (2008-01-24)

  • Bug: Fixed meta-data.

  • Bug: Fixed deprecation warning about the Zope Security Policy.

0.5.0 (2008-01-21)

  • Initial Release

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