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1. Zabbix CLI

1.1 Example

1.1.1 Valid Command

zabbix_controller -u username -p password hosts list
zabbix_controller -u username -p password hosts -m name:^server$ list

1.1.2 Invalid Command

zabbix_controller hosts -u username -p password list
zabbix_controller -u username -p password hosts list -m name:^server$

1.2 zabbixctl [options] command ...

1.2.1 Options

These options are only set at zabbixctl [options] command .... zabbixctl command [options] ... is not accepted. --help

zabbixctl --help --apiserver-address, -aa

zabbixctl -aa http://localhost:8081 --username, -u, --password, -p

Used for zabbix login

zabbixctl --username Admin --password zabbix_password --basicauth_username, -bu, --basicauth_password, -bp

Used for basic authentication

zabbixctl -bu alis -bp alis_password --dry-run

If you set --dry-run, only get API is executed, then ZabbixCTL state is printed. Create, update, delete like API is not executed.

zabbixctl --dry-run

1.3 zabbixctl host Options Command ...

1.3.1 Options -m, --match

Search host using json like object. Search key, then apply value. In the example below, hosts which name key is including some_name are listed.

zabbixctl hosts -m '{"name": "some_name"}' list
zabbixctl hosts -m '[{"name": "some_name"}]' list

Each key, value pairs are chained by and operator. Each dicts are chained by or operator.

This command mean ("name": "some_name" and "hostid": "^1") or "name": "other_name".

zabbixctl hosts -m '[{"name": "some_name", "hostid": "^1"}, {"name": "other_name"}]' list -tr, --time-range

This option is able to specify time range. If you use --match at the same time, used by "and operator".


from and to must be unixtime and can be omitted. These commands are same and print host which disable property is included from 0 to now.

zabbixctl hosts -tr disable:0- list
zabbixctl hosts -tr disable:- list

This command mean (("name": "some_name" and "hostid": "^1") or "name": "other_name") and (0 <= disable_until <= now).

zabbixctl hosts -m '[{"name": "some_name", "hostid": "^1"}, {"name": "other_name"}]' -tr 'disable_until:-' list

1.3.2 Commands list

list up host delete

delete host

  • options
    • -y, --yes
zabbixctl hosts -m '{"name": "some_name"}' delete -y disable

disable host

  • options
    • -y, --yes
zabbixctl hosts -m '{"name": "some_name"}' disable -y update

update host

  • options
    • -d, --data
    • -y, --yes

These are same command.

zabbixctl hosts -m '{"name": "some_name"}' update -d '{"state": 1}' -y
zabbixctl hosts -m '{"name": "some_name"}' update -d '{"state": "1"}' -y
zabbixctl hosts -m '{"name": "some_name"}' disable -y

1.4 zabbixctl host graphs Options Command

1.4.1 Command

1.4.2 list

1.4.3 delete

  • options
    • -y, --yes

1.4.2 Options -m, --match

This command delete graphs which is in hosts which is matched regex.

zabbixctl hosts -m '{"name": "some_name"}' graphs delete -y

1.5 zabbixctl host interfaces Options Command

1.5.1 Command list usedns

Use dns, not ipaddress

  • options
    • -y, --yes update

These are same command.

  • options
    • -y, --yes
zabbixctl hosts interfaces update -d '{"useip": 0}' -y
zabbixctl hosts interfaces update -d '{"useip": "0"}' -y
zabbixctl hosts interfaces usedns -y


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