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zbl is a Rust and Python library aiming to make it easier to integrate OpenCV (and possibly other CV libraries) with Windows Desktop apps for real-time processing. It does so by providing a simplified interface to Windows.Graphics.Capture.

This library is not well-tested against corner cases, and was only verified to work for a 'happy path' scenarios, so beware of bugs!



pip install zbl

Alternatively, you can install suitable wheel from releases page.


from zbl import Capture

with Capture(window_name='visual studio code') as cap:
    frame = next(cap.frames())

The snippet above will capture a window which title contains the string visual studio code, take one frame (which is represented as a numpy array) and print its shape.

To run an example using OpenCV's highgui:

  1. Install opencv-python
  2. Run python -m zbl --window-name '<full or partial window name, case insensitive>'


See examples. Note: if you are getting OpenCV build errors when building the example, check out how to build OpenCV rust bindings.

Why not mss / pyautogui?

Those are the definition of "slow" at the time of writing. mss tops at 30-50 fps in a tight loop, pyautogui is even slower than that. Due to GPU accel which comes with D3D11, zbl captures at 500-700 fps - an order of magnitude faster, which allows a lot more time for the actual processing.

Why Rust for the native code part and not C++ / C#?

I need it for the Rust project, hence it is in Rust.


zbl is heavily inspired by screenshot-rs.

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