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System for managing development buildouts

Project description


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Buildout is a project designed to solve 2 problems:

1. Application-centric assembly and deployment

*Assembly* runs the gamut from stitching together libraries to
create a running program, to production deployment configuration of
applications, and associated systems and tools (e.g. run-control
scripts, cron jobs, logs, service registration, etc.).

Buildout might be confused with build tools like make or ant, but
it is a little higher level and might invoke systems like make or
ant to get its work done.

Buildout might be confused with systems like puppet or chef, but it
is more application focused. Systems like puppet or chef might
use buildout to get their work done.

Buildout is also somewhat Python-centric, even though it can be
used to assemble and deploy non-python applications. It has some
special features for assembling Python programs. It's scripted with
Python, unlike, say puppet or chef, which are scripted with Ruby.

2. Repeatable assembly of programs from Python software distributions

Buildout puts great effort toward making program assembly a highly
repeatable process, whether in a very open-ended development mode,
where dependency versions aren't locked down, or in a deployment
environment where dependency versions are fully specified. You
should be able to check buildout into a VCS and later check it out.
Two checkouts built at the same time in the same environment should
always give the same result, regardless of their history. Among
other things, after a buildout, all dependencies should be at the
most recent version consistent with any version specifications
expressed in the buildout.

Buildout supports applications consisting of multiple programs,
with different programs in an application free to use different
versions of Python distributions. This is in contrast with a
Python installation (real or virtual), where, for any given
distribution, there can only be one installed.

To learn more about buildout, including how to use it, see

Change History

2.9.0 (2017-03-06)

- Added new syntax to explicitly declare that a part depends on other part.

- Internal refactoring to work with `buildout.wheel

- Fixed a bugs in ``zc.buildout.testing.Buildout``. It was loading
user-default configuration. It didn't support calling the
``created`` method on its sections.

- Fixed a bug (windows, py 3.4)
When processing metadata on "old-style" distutils scripts, .exe stubs
appeared in ``metadata_listdir``, in turn reading those burped with
``UnicodeDecodeError``. Skipping .exe stubs now.

2.8.0 (2017-02-13)

- Added a hook to enable a soon-to-be-released buildout extension to
provide wheel support.

2.7.1 (2017-01-31)

- Fixed a bug introduced in 2.6.0:
zc.buildout and its dependeoncies were reported as picked even when
their versions were fixed in a ``versions`` section. Worse, when the
``update-versions-file`` option was used, the ``versions`` section was
updated needlessly on every run.

2.7.0 (2017-01-30)

- Added a buildout option, ``abi-tag-eggs`` that, when true, causes
the `ABI tag <>`_
for the buildout environment to be added to the eggs directory name.

This is useful when switching Python implementations (e.g. CPython
vs PyPI or debug builds vs regular builds), especially when
environment differences aren't reflected in egg names. It also has
the side benefit of making eggs directories smaller, because eggs
for different Python versions are in different directories.

2.6.0 (2017-01-29)

- Updated to work with the latest setuptools.

- Added (verified) Python 3.6 support.

2.5.3 (2016-09-05)

- After a dist is fetched and put into its final place, compile its
python files. No longer wait with compiling until all dists are in
place. This is related to the change below about not removing an
existing egg. [maurits]

- Do not remove an existing egg. When installing an egg to a location
that already exists, keep the current location (directory or file).
This can only happen when the location at first did not exist and
this changed during the buildout run. We used to remove the
previous location, but this could cause problems when running two
buildouts at the same time, when they try to install the same new
egg. Fixes #307. [maurits]

- In ``zc.buildout.testing.system``, set ``TERM=dumb`` in the environment.
This avoids invisible control characters popping up in some terminals,
like ``xterm``. Note that this may affect tests by buildout recipes.

- Removed Python 2.6 and 3.2 support.

2.5.2 (2016-06-07)

- Fixed ``-=`` and ``+=`` when extending sections. See #161.

2.5.1 (2016-04-06)

- Fix python 2 for downloading external config files with basic auth in the
URL. Fixes #257.

2.5.0 (2015-11-16)

- Added more elaborate version and requirement information when there's a
version conflict. Previously, you could get a report of a version conflict
without information about which dependency requested the conflicing

Now all this information is logged and displayed in case of an error.

- Dropped 3.2 support (at least in the automatic tests) as setuptools will
soon stop supporting it. Added python 3.5 to the automatic tests.

2.4.7 (2015-10-29)

- Fix for #279. Distutils script detection previously broke on windows with
python 3 because it errored on ``.exe`` files.

2.4.6 (2015-10-28)

- Relative paths are now also correctly generated for the current directory
("develop = .").

2.4.5 (2015-10-14)

- More complete fix for #24. Distutils scripts are now also generated for
develop eggs.

2.4.4 (2015-10-02)

- zc.buildout is now also released as a wheel. (Note: buildout itself doesn't
support installing wheels yet.)

2.4.3 (2015-09-03)

- Added nested directory creation support

2.4.2 (2015-08-26)

- If a downloaded config file in the "extends-cache" gets corrupted, buildout
now tells you the filename in the cache. Handy for troubleshooting.

2.4.1 (2015-08-08)

- Check the ``use-dependency-links`` option earlier. This can give
a small speed increase.

- When using python 2, urllib2 is used to work around Python issue 24599, which
affects downloading from behind a proxy.

2.4.0 (2015-07-01)

- Buildout no longer breaks on packages that contain a file with a non-ascii
filename. Fixes #89 and #148.

- Undo breakage on Windows machines where ``sys.prefix`` can also be a
``site-packages`` directory: don't remove it from ``sys.path``. See .

- Remove assumption that ``pkg_resources`` is a module (untrue since
release of `setuptools 8.3``). See .

- Fix for #212. For certain kinds of conflict errors you'd get an UnpackError
when rendering the error message. Instead of a nicely formatted version
conflict message.

- Making sure we use the correct easy_install when setuptools is installed
globally. See and .

- Updated buildout's `travis-ci <>`_
configuration so that tests run much quicker so that buildout is easier and
quicker to develop.

- Note: zc.recipe.egg has also been updated to 2.0.2 together with this
zc.buildout release. Fixed: In ``zc.recipe.egg#custom`` recipe's ``rpath``
support, don't assume path elements are buildout-relative if they start with
one of the "special" tokens (e.g., ``$ORIGIN``). See:

- ``download-cache``, ``eggs-directory`` and ``extends-cache`` are now
automatically created if their parent directory exists. Also they can be
relative directories (relative to the location of the buildout config file
that defines them). Also they can now be in the form ``~/subdir``, with the
usual convention that the ``~`` char means the home directory of the user
running buildout.

- A new file is released (version 2015-07-01).

- When bootstrapping, the ``develop-eggs/`` directory is first removed. This
prevents old left-over ``.egg-link`` files from breaking buildout's careful
package collection mechanism.

- The bootstrap script now accepts ``--to-dir``. Setuptools is installed
there. If already available there, it is reused. This can be used to
bootstrap buildout without internet access. Similarly, a local
```` is used when available instead of it being downloaded. You
need setuptools 14.0 or higher for this functionality.

- The bootstrap script now uses ``--buildout-version`` instead of
``--version`` to pick a specific buildout version.

- The bootstrap script now accepts ``--version`` which prints the bootstrap
version. This version is the date the was last changed. A date
is handier or less confusing than either tracking zc.buildout's version or
having a separate bootstrap version number.

2.3.1 (2014-12-16)

- Fixed: Buildout merged single-version requirements with
version-range requirements in a way that caused it to think there
wasn't a single-version requirement. IOW, buildout throught that
versions were being picked when they weren't.

- Suppress spurios (and possibly non-spurious) version-parsing warnings.

2.3.0 (2014-12-14)

- Buildout is now compatible with (and requires) setuptools 8.

2.2.5 (2014-11-04)

- Improved fix for #198: when bootstrapping with an extension, buildout was
too strict on itself, resulting in an inability to upgrade or downgrade its
own version.

- Setuptools must be at 3.3 or higher now. If you use the latest bootstrap
from you're all set.

- Installing *recipes* that themselves have dependencies used to fail with a
VersionConflict if such a dependency was installed globally with a lower
version. Buildout now ignores the version conflict in those cases and simply
installs the correct version.

2.2.4 (2014-11-01)

- Fix for #198: buildout 2.2.3 caused a version conflict when bootstrapping a
buildout with a version pinned to an earlier one. Same version conflict
could occur with system-wide installed packages that were newer than the
pinned version.

2.2.3 (2014-10-30)

- Fix #197, Python 3 regression

2.2.2 (2014-10-30)

- Open files for ``exec()`` in universal newlines mode. See

- Add ``BUILDOUT_HOME`` as an alternate way to control how the user default
configuration is found.

- Close various files when finished writing to them. This avoids
ResourceWarnings on Python 3, and better supports doctests under PyPy.

- Introduce improved easy_install Install.install function. This is present
in 1.5.X and 1.7X but was never merged into 2.X somehow.

2.2.1 (2013-09-05)

- ``distutils`` scripts: correct order of operations on ``from ... import``
lines (see

- Add an ``--allow-site-packges`` option to ````, defaulting
to False. If the value is false, strip any "site packages" (as defined by
the ``site`` module) from ``sys.path`` before attempting to import
``setuptools`` / ``pkg_resources``.

- Updated the URL used to fetch ```` to the official, non-version-
pinned version.

2.2.0 (2013-07-05)

- Handle both addition and subtraction of elements (+= and -=) on the same key
in the same section. Forward-ported from buildout 1.6.

- Suppress the useless ``Link to <URL> ***BLOCKED*** by --allow-hosts``
error message being emitted by distribute / setuptools.

- Extend distutils script generation to support module docstrings and
__future__ imports.

- Refactored picked versions logic to make it easier to use for plugins.

- Use ``get_win_launcher`` API to find Windows launcher (falling back to
``resource_string`` for ``cli.exe``).

- Remove ``data_files`` from ````: it was installing ``README.txt``
in current directory during installation (merged from 1.x branch).

- Switch dependency from ``distribute 0.6.x`` to ``setuptools 0.7.x``.

2.1.0 (2013-03-23)

- `Meta-recipe support`_

- `Conditional sections`_

- Buildout now accepts a ``--version`` command-line option to print
its version.

Fixed: Builout didn't exit with a non-zero exit status if there was a
failure in combination with an upgrade.

Fixed: We now fail with an informative error when an old bootstrap
script causes buildout 2 to be used with setuptools.

Fixed: An error incorrectly suggested that buildout 2 implemented all
of the functionality of dumppickedversions.

Fixed: Buildout generated bad scripts when no eggs needed to be added
to ``sys.path``.

Fixed: Buildout didn't honour Unix umask when generating scripts.

Fixed: ``update-versions-file`` didn't work unless
``show-picked-versions`` was also set.

2.0.1 (2013-02-16)

- Fixed: buildout didn't honor umask settings when creating scripts.

- Fix for distutils scripts installation on Python 3, related to
``__pycache__`` directories.

- Fixed: encoding data in non-entry-point-based scripts was lost.

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