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Console tool for zeppelin

Project description

# zeppelin-handy-helpers

Console helper to check, monitor, stop zeppelin paragraph and receive notifications to Slack

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### Disclaimer

This tool is just a small helper and it is not ready for production yet. It works pretty well for my use cases. Feel free to expand or improve.

### Installation

pip install zeppelin-handy-helpers

### Usage

usage: zhh [-h] [--end_point [END_POINT]]
[--slack_end_point [SLACK_END_POINT]] [--read] [--check] [--stop]

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--end_point [END_POINT]
Specify Zeppelin API end_point
--slack_end_point [SLACK_END_POINT]
Specify Slack Incoming Webhook
--read Show all notebook names and ids
--check Show all running paragraphs
--stop Stop all runnning paragraphs
--monitor Monitor all running paragraphs

### Examples

(demo) ➜ zeppelin-handy-helpers git:(master) ✗ zhh --end_point http://localhost/api/notebook --slack_end_point --read
"id": "2CFH4E3TG",
"name": "OWL"
"id": "2CF34ERK6",
"name": "SparkPi"
"id": "2D62499YH",
"name": "DemoNotebook"

Execution completed

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