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Configuration for service (OpenAPI 3 or other) consumers

Project description

1 Welcome to ZGW Consumers’ documentation!





OpenAPI, Zaakgericht Werken, Common Ground, NLX


3.7, 3.8, 3.9

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Manage your external API’s to consume.

2 Features

  • Store services with their configuration in the database

  • Integrate with OpenAPI 3.0 specifications

  • NLX support

  • Declare data/domain objects as modern Python dataclasses

3 Installation

3.1 Requirements

  • Python 3.6 or newer

  • setuptools 30.3.0 or newer

  • Django 2.2 or newer

3.2 Install

  1. Install from PyPI

pip install zgw-consumers
  1. Add zgw_consumers to the INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  2. Optionally override ZGW_CONSUMERS_CLIENT_CLASS to a custom client class.

  3. Optionally specify ZGW_CONSUMERS_OAS_CACHE to point to a separate django cache. Defaults to django.core.cache.DEFAULT_CACHE_ALIAS, which is default in practice. For performance reasons we highly recommend to use a real cache backend like Redis or Memcache.

4 Usage

In the Django admin, you can create Service instances to define your external APIs.


To get a client for a given resource, you can use:

from zgw_consumers.models import Service

client = Service.get_client(some_url)

Or, to just retrieve the auth header(s):

from zgw_consumers.models import Service

auth = Service.get_auth_header(some_url)

Data model

Use zgw_consumers.api_models.base.factory to turn raw JSON responses into instances of domain models:

from zgw_consumers.api_models.base import factory
from zgw_consumers.api_models.zaken import Zaak

results = client.list("zaak")["results"]

return factory(Zaak, results)

It works for both collections and scalar values, and takes care of the camel-case to snake case conversion.

You can also define your own data models, take a look at the zgw_consumers.api_models package for inspiration.

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