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Ziggy Pydust

A framework for writing and packaging native Python extension modules written in Zig.

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Ziggy Pydust is a framework for writing and packaging native Python extension modules written in Zig.

  • Package Python extension modules written in Zig.
  • Pytest plugin to discover and run Zig tests.
  • Comptime argument wrapping / unwrapping for interop with native Zig types.
const py = @import("pydust");

pub fn fibonacci(args: struct { n: u64 }) u64 {
    if (args.n < 2) return args.n;

    var sum: u64 = 0;
    var last: u64 = 0;
    var curr: u64 = 1;
    for (1..args.n) {
        sum = last + curr;
        last = curr;
        curr = sum;
    return sum;

comptime {


Pydust supports:

Please reach out if you're interested in helping us to expand compatibility.

Getting Started

Pydust docs can be found here. Zig documentation (beta) can be found here.

There is also a template repository including Poetry build, Pytest and publishing from Github Actions.


We welcome contributions! Pydust is in its early stages so there is lots of low hanging fruit when it comes to contributions.

  • Assist other Pydust users with GitHub issues or discussions.
  • Suggest or implement features, fix bugs, fix performance issues.
  • Improve our documentation.
  • Write articles or other content demonstrating how you have used Pydust.


Pydust is released under the Apache-2.0 license.

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