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Zima image board

Project description

Zima imageboard engine

Zima is an imageboard engine that trys to keep all good things from
`wakaba`_ on the one side and introduces a couple
of differences on the another.

**Note Bene!** This is very early version of this software. Do not
expect production quality, use it at your own risk.


Download source tarball unpack it and run::

python install

This will install ``zimabbs`` python package, ```` and
```` scripts in your ``local/bin`` directory and creates two

* ``/var/zima`` -- contains imageboard resources;
* ``/etc/zima.d`` -- where configuration stores.

To start server type::

Using mongoDB and CherryPy

By default zima uses it's own ad-hoc ``memory`` backend which keeps
all data in ram and has no data persistency. This is useful for
developing but not for production.

Alternatively you can use mongoDb which keeps data more reliable. To
plug mongoDb to zima you need to install ``pyMongo`` package. After
that change ``db`` section of your config (which is
``/etc/zima.d/``) in the following way::

'db': {
'backend': 'mongo',
'iface': 'localhost:27017',

To use ``CherryPy`` server instead of standart development
server ``WSGIRefServer`` install CherryPy package and modify config in
the following way::

from bottle import CherryPyServer

server = {
'frontend': CherryPyServer,

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