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Zookeeper Tools

Project description

zktools is a package of tools implementing higher level constructs using Apache Zookeeper.

It currently provides:

  • Configuration - Zookeeper Configuration Helpers to store and load configuration information stored in Zookeeper nodes.

  • Locks - A Zookeeper lock with support for non-blocking acquire, modeled on Python’s Lock objects that also includes a Revocable Shared Locks with Freaking Laser Beams described in the Zookeeper Recipe’s.

See the full docs for more information.


zktools is offered under the MPL license.


zktools is made available by the Mozilla Foundation.


0.2.1 (02/16/2012)

  • Fixed packaging bug.

0.2 (02/03/2012)


  • Added context manager return to lock to allow use of the ‘with’ statement.

  • Refactored to use zc.zk ZooKeeper library for higher level Zookeeper abstraction with automatic watch re-establishment.


  • Node object to retrieve ZNode data from Zookeeper and keep it up to date.

  • Node objects can have data and children subscribers.

  • NodeDict object that maps a shallow tree (one level of children) into a dict-like object.

Backward Incompatibilities

  • SharedZkLock has been refactored into ZkWriteLock and ZkReadLock.

  • revoked is a property of Locks, not a method.

  • ZkConnection is gone, lock objects, ZkNode, and ZkNodeDict all expect zc.zk ZooKeeper instances.

0.1 (11/22/2011)


  • Lock implementation, with revokable shared locks.

  • Zookeeper connection object with automatic reconnect.

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