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Zabbix management command-line client

Project description


Zabbix management command-line client

* Free software: Apache license
* Source:
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zabbix-cli-ent allows to perform actions on a Zabbix server
through command line.

Zabbix web interface usually is the most suitable way for
administration tasks, however there are times when you
need to modify settings non-interactively (scripts, ..) or
even certain actions easily done by command line.

Getting Started

Install `zabbix-cli-ent` using `pip`, either by getting the
version uploaded in PyPi:

# pip install zm

or the one from the current repo:

# git clone
# cd zabbix-cli-ent && pip install .

### Basic Usage

# zm --help

will list the current actions that can be performed.

Depending on the subcommand it will have different options;
rely on the `--help` option to learn about each one.

**NOTE**: You can provide the connection details as options or
via a configuration file. Either way, the login, password
and url must be provided in order to get a successfully

Use it programatically

You can also use zabbix-cli-ent as a library to get data from a
Zabbix API.

For that you first need to provide the credentials to be able to
access any of the available functionality. As an example:

.. code:: Python

import zm.trigger
from oslo.config import cfg


print zm.trigger.list(host="",

Extending Functionality

The code allows to easily extend the functionality. To do
1. Create a new `Command` inherited class that will
handle the new functionality.
* (`__init__()`) Here you will define the new
action's options.
* (`run()`) The work to be done.
2. Add the brand new class to:
`` > `add_command_parsers()`

There you go!

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