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zope.interface compliant ordered dictionary.

Project description


Ordered dictionary which implements the corresponding zope.interface.common.mapping interface

>>> from zope.interface.common.mapping import IFullMapping
>>> from zodict import zodict
>>> zod = zodict()
>>> IFullMapping.providedBy(zod)


This is a zodict which provides a location. Location the zope way means each item in the node-tree knows its parent and its own name

>>> from zope.location.interface import ILocation
>>> from zodict.node import Node
>>> root = Node('root')
>>> ILocation.providedBy(Node)

>>> root['child'] = Node()
>>> root['child'].path
['root', 'child']

>>> child = root['child']
>>> child.__name__

>>> child.__parent__
<Node object 'root' at ...>

The filtereditems function

>>> from zope.interface import Interface
>>> from zope.interface import alsoProvides
>>> class IMarker(Interface): pass
>>> alsoProvides(root['child']['subchild'], IMarker)
>>> IMarker.providedBy(root['child']['subchild'])

>>> for item in root['child'].filtereditems(IMarker):
...     print item.path
['root', 'child', 'subchild']

UUID related operations on Node

>>> uuid = root['child']['subchild'].uuid
>>> uuid

>>> root.node(uuid).path
['root', 'child', 'subchild']

>>> root.uuid = uuid
Traceback (most recent call last):
ValueError: Given uuid was already used for another Node

>>> import uuid
>>> newuuid = uuid.uuid4()

>>> root.uuid = newuuid
>>> root['child'].node(newuuid).path

Node insertion (an insertafter function exist as well)

>>> root['child1'] = Node()
>>> root['child2'] = Node()

>>> node = Node('child3')
>>> root.insertbefore(node, root['child2'])
>>> root.printtree()
<class 'zodict.node.Node'>: root
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child1
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child3
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child2

Nodes can not be moved. Therefor you have to read it, delete it from tree and add it elsewhere again

>>> node = root['child2']
>>> del root['child2']
>>> root.values()
[<Node object 'child1' at ...>, <Node object 'child3' at ...>]

>>> root.insertbefore(node, root['child1'])
>>> root.printtree()
<class 'zodict.node.Node'>: root
    <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child2
    <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child1
    <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child3


Version 1.6.0 (svn)

-remove the traverser module.

-improve insertbefore and insertafter a little bit.
rnix, 2009-11-28
-add index Attribute to Node. Allows access to the internal
_index attribute. rnix, 2009-11-28
-remove @accept and @return decorators. Just overhead.
rnix, 2009-11-28

Version 1.5.0

-add insertbefore and insertafter function to Node.
rnix, 2009-11-27
-fix printtree if Node.__name__ is None.
rnix, 2009-11-20
-add printtree debug helper function to Node.
rnix, 2009-11-09
-define own Traverser interface and reduce dependencies.
rnix, 2009-10-28
-removed import of tests from zodicts __init__. this caused import errors
if interlude wasnt installed. jensens, 2009-07-16

Version 1.4.0

-Don’t allow classes as values of a Node. Attribute __name__
conflicts. jensens, 2009-05-06
-repr(nodeobj) now returns the real classname and not fixed
<Node object this helps a lot while testing and using classes inheriting from Node! jensens, 2009-05-06
-Make tests run with python test.
Removed superflous dependency on zope.testing. jensens, 2009-05-06

Version 1.3.3

-Fix ITraverser interface import including BBB.

Version 1.3.2

-Add root property to Node.
thet, 2009-04-24

Version 1.3.1

-Add __delitem__ function to Node.
rnix, 2009-04-16

Version 1.3

-Add uuid Attribute and node function to Node.
rnix, 2009-03-23

Version 1.2

-Add filtereditems function to Node.
rnix, 2009-03-22

Version 1.1

-Add INode interface and implementation.
rnix, 2009-03-18


-Written by Robert Niederreiter <>

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