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A package of Reich Lab Zoltar utility functions.

Project description

# Zoltpy A python module that interfaces with Zoltar

## Installation requirements - [pipenv]( for managing packages - see Pipfile - [click]( - for the demo application’s handling of args - [pandas]( - for use of dataframe function

## Installation Zoltpy is hosted on the Python Package Index (, a repository for Python modules

Install Zoltpy with the following command: ` pip install zoltpy `

## One-time configuration Users must add their Zoltar username and password to environment variables on their machine before using this module.

For Mac Users ` cd ~ nano .bash_profile ` Add the following to your bash_profile: ` export DEV_PASSWORD=<your zoltar password> export DEV_USERNAME=<your zoltar username> ` To save the file, hold shift: then type: wq+Enter

For PC Users In the command prompt, run the following commands: ` set DEV_PASSWORD="<your zoltar password>" set DEV_USERNAME="<your zoltar username>" `

## Usage Zoltpy is a python module that communicates with Zoltar, the Reich Lab’s forecast repository. To import the Zoltpy functions, run the following command after installing the package: ` from zoltpy import functions `

Zoltpy currently has 5 Key Functions: 1) [print_projects()](#print-project-names) - Print project names 2) [print_models(project_name)](#print-model-names) - Print model names for a specified project 3) [delete_forecast(project_name, model_name, timezero_date)](#delete-forecast) - Deletes a forecast from Zoltar 4) [upload_forecast(project_name, model_name, timezero_date, forecast_csv_file)](#Upload-a-Forecast) - Upload a forecast to Zoltar 5) [forecast_to_dataframe(project_name, model_name, timezero_date)](#Return-Forecast-as-a-Pandas-Dataframe) - Returns forecast as a Pandas Dataframe

### Print Project Names This fuction returns the project names that you have authorization to view in Zoltar. ` functions.print_projects() `

### Print Model Names Given a project, this function prints the models in that project. ` functions.print_models(project_name = 'My Project') `

### Delete a Forecast Deletes a single forecast for a specified model and timezero. ` functions.delete_forecast(project_name='My Project', model_name='My Model', timezero_date='YYYYMMDD') ` Example: ` functions.delete_forecast('Impetus Province Forecasts','gam_lag1_tops3','20181203') `

### Upload a Forecast ` functions.upload_forecast(project_name='My Project', model_name='My Model', timezero_date='YYYYMMDD', 'C:\\Users\\house\\Desktop\\20181203-gam_lag1_tops3-20190114.csv') `

Example: ` functions.upload_forecast('Impetus Province Forecasts','gam_lag1_tops3','20181203','C:\\Users\\house\\Desktop\\20181203-gam_lag1_tops3-20190114.csv') `

### Return Forecast as a Pandas Dataframe Example: ` functions.forecast_to_dataframe('Impetus Province Forecasts','gam_lag1_tops3','20181203') `

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