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A Zoom utility for the terminal

Project description

Zoomy - a Zoom utility for the terminal

Made with Python, April 2020.
Created by Kewbish.
Available on PyPi as Zoomy. Released under the GPLv3 License.
Issues are welcome!

:camera: Why Zoomy?

For the developer, the power user, the student who's just tired of going through countless emails to find a link, then flip through for passwords, and finally try to join the call.
Zoomy is for you. Quick to use, light, and besides, cool automation.
Also works in signed-out mode - just in case (like me) you don't want to give Zoom your personal information!

:movie_camera: Usage

Run zoomy [alias] to open your alias meeting. For example, zoomy math to open your math meeting.
Run zoomy add [alias] [confno] [*pwd] or zoomy a [alias] [confno] [*pwd] to add a meeting called alias with the conference number confno and the password pwd. Adding a password is optional. Your meetings cannot be called add, delete, or list (or a / d / l). This option can also be used to edit currently saved meetings.
Run zoomy delete [alias] or zoomy d [alias] to delete your alias meeting. For example, zoomy d math to delete your math meeting.
Run zoomy list or zoomy l to list all your available meetings.

:wrench: Installation

Install via PyPi by running pip install zoomy. This requires Python to be installed.
Alternatively, build from source by running the after downloading the ZIP.

:gear: How it works

Zoom actually comes with a custom URL scheme, most of which is technically deprecated, but still works well.
Your conference number is passed in from a saved configuration file, and passed to the URL, which is then started with your system's equivalent of start.
It simplifies the process of remembering all those links and passwords, especially if you don't use Zoom signed in or if you don't keep passwords saved.

:warning: - This does expose your meeting IDs and passwords (if you choose to supply them), and it is possible, if a hacker decided, to grep your entire system for a .zmy file and infiltrate your meeting. Use at your own risk.

:fast_forward: Changelog


  • Feature: Add list meetings function
  • Docs: Update docs with additional instructions for list and warning about commas
  • Docs: Add long description to PyPi
  • Docs: Add changelog
  • Bugfix: Implement file generator if fresh install
  • Feature: Add support for passwords with commas
  • Delete requirements.txt 0.2.4:
  • Bugfix: Fix logic if password added


  • Started project!
  • Docs: Create docs

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