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Zope publication

Project description

Publication and traversal components.


5.0 (2023-02-08)

  • Add support for Python 3.10, 3.11.

  • Drop support for Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6.

4.5 (2020-11-05)

  • Add support for Python 3.8 and 3.9.

  • Update the tests to >= 4.3.

4.4 (2020-05-14)

  • Drop support for python test.

4.3.2 (2019-12-04)

  • Fix deprecation warning in tests.

4.3.1 (2019-07-01)

  • Updated expected doc output to match latest library versions (yes, again).

  • Fixed supported Python versions in .travis.yml.

  • Avoid passing unicode text to logging.Logger.warning() on Python 2 (issue 8).

4.3.0 (2018-10-09)

  • Drop Python 3.4 support and added 3.7.

  • Updated expected doc output to match latest library versions.

  • Removed all deprecation warnings.

4.2.1 (2017-04-17)

  • Include since it is needed for pip install.

4.2.0 (2016-11-23)

  • Update the code to be compatible with transaction >= 2.0.

  • Update tests to be compatible with ZODB >= 5.1, thus requiring at least this version for the tests.

  • Drop Python 3.3 support.

4.1.0 (2016-08-08)

  • Test against released final versions, thus requiring >= 4.0 (test dependency).

4.0.0 (2016-08-08)

  • Claim compatibility to Python 3.4 and 3.5 and drop support for Python 2.6.

  • Improve the publication factory lookup by falling back to a more generic registration if the specific factory chooses not to handle the request after all.

  • Relax ZODB dependency to allow 3.10dev builds from SVN.

  • Introduce ZopePublication.callErrorView as a possible hook point.

3.14.0 (2012-03-09)

  • Replace ZODB.POSException.ConflictError with transaction.interfaces.TransientError. The latter should be a more generic signal to retry a transaction/request. This requires ZODB3 >= 3.10.0 and transaction >= 1.1.0.

  • Get rid of ZODB dependency.

3.13.2 (2011-08-04)

  • Add missing test dependency on zope.testing.

  • Remove test dependency on

3.13.1 (2011-03-14)

  • Test fix: HTTP request should not have leading whitespace.

3.13.0 (2011-01-25)

  • Reenabled a test which makes sure 405 MethodNotAllowed is returned when PUT is not supported. This requires at least version 3.10 of

3.12.0 (2010-09-14)

  • Use the standard libraries doctest module.

  • Include the notfound.txt test again but reduce its scope to functionality relevant to this distribution.

  • Notify with IStartRequestEvent at the start of the request publication cycle.

3.11.1 (2010-04-19)

  • Fix up tests to work with newer release (3.9.0).

3.11.0 (2010-04-13)

  • Don’t depend on and anymore in the tests.

3.10.2 (2010-01-08)

  • Lift the test dependency on

3.10.1 (2010-01-08)

  • make zope.testing an optional (test) dependency

  • Fix tests using a newer zope.publisher that requires zope.login.

3.10.0 (2009-12-15)

  • Moved EndRequestEvent and IEndRequestEvent to zope.publisher.

  • Moved BeforeTraverseEvent and IBeforeTraverseEvent to zope.traversing.

  • Removed dependency on zope.i18n.

  • Import hooks functionality from zope.component after it was moved there from

  • Import ISite from zope.component after it was moved there from zope.location.

3.9.0 (2009-09-29)

  • An abort within handleExceptions could have failed without logging what caused the error. It now logs the original problem.

  • Moved registration of and tests for two publication-specific event handlers here from in order to invert the package dependency.

  • Declared the missing dependency on zope.location.

3.8.1 (2009-06-21)

  • Bug fix: The publication traverseName method used ProxyFactory rather than the publication proxy method.

3.8.0 (2009-06-20)

  • Added a proxy method that can be overridden in subclasses to control how/if security proxies are created.

  • Replaced zope.deprecation dependency with backward-compatible imports

3.7.0 (2009-05-23)

  • Moved the publicationtraverse module to zope.traversing, removing the -> dependency (which was a cycle).

  • Moved IHTTPException to zope.publisher, removing the dependency on

  • Moved the DefaultViewName API from to zope.publisher.defaultview, making it accessible to other packages that need it.

  • Look up the application controller through a utility registration rather than a direct reference.

3.6.0 (2009-05-18)

  • Use zope:adapter ZCML directive instead of zope:view. This avoid dependency on

  • Update imports from to zope.authentication and zope.principalregistry.

  • Use zope.browser.interfaces.ISystemError to avoid dependency on

  • Refactored tests so they can run successfully with ZODB 3.8 and 3.9.

3.5.3 (2009-03-13)

  • Adapt to the removal of IXMLPresentation from which was removed to adapt to removal of deprecated interfaces from zope.component.

3.5.2 (2009-03-10)

  • Use ISkinnable.providedBy(request) instead of IBrowserRequest as condition for calling setDefaultSkin. This at the same time removes dependency to the browser part of zope.publisher.

  • Remove deprecated code.

  • Use built-in set class instead of the deprecated sets.Set and thus don’t cause deprecation warning in Python 2.6.

3.5.1 (2009-01-31)

  • Import ISite from zope.location.interfaces instead of deprecated place in

3.5.0 (2008-10-09)

  • Now annotates the request with the connection to the main ZODB when getApplication is called.

  • Removed support for non-existent Zope versions.

3.4.3 (2007-11-01)

  • Removed unused imports.

  • Resolve ZopeSecurityPolicy deprecation warning.

3.4.2 (2007-09-26)

  • Added missing files to egg distribution.

3.4.1 (2007-09-26)

  • Added missing files to egg distribution.

3.4.0 (2007-09-25)

  • Initial documented release.

  • Reflect changes form refactoring.

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