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Machinery and scripts for setting up new Zope projects

Project description

With zopeproject you can start a new Zope-based web application from scratch with just a two commands:

$ easy_install zopeproject
$ zopeproject MyZopeProj

This will ask you the name and password for an initial administrator user. It will also ask you where to put the Python packages (“eggs”) that it downloads. This way multiple projects created with zopeproject can share the same packages and won’t have to download them each time.

After asking the questions, zopeproject will download the zc.buildout package that will be used to build the sandbox, unless zc.buildout is already installed locally. Then it will invoke zc.buildout to download Zope and its dependecies. If you’re doing this for the first time or not sharing packages between different projects, this may take a while.

When zopeproject is done, you will find a typical Python package development environment in the MyZopeProj directory: the package itself (myzopeproj) and a script. There’s also a bin directory that contains scripts, such as paster which can be used to start the application:

$ cd MyZopeProj
$ bin/paster serve deploy.ini


0.3.1 (2007-07-15)

  • The buildout.cfg template was missing settings for the shared eggs directory and thew newest flag.

  • Assemble the default path for the eggs directory in a Windows-friendly way.

0.3 (2007-07-14)

  • Renamed to zopeproject.

  • Incorporated much of the grokproject 0.5.x infrastructure. This makes it much more robust, especially when launching zc.buildout.

  • Merged make-zope-app and deploy-zope-app back into one command: zopeproject.

0.2 (2007-07-12)

  • Renamed to make-zope-app.

  • Split mkzopeapp into two commands: make-zope-app and deploy-zope-app.

  • No longer use zope.paste for the application factory. Instead, each application that’s created from the skeleton defines its own factory (which is reasonably small and gains flexibility).

  • Get rid of the start<<Project>> script. Simply use bin/paster serve deploy.ini for starting the server.

  • Use the Paste#http server by default.

0.1 (2007-07-06)

Initial release as mkzopeapp

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