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Paster templates for standard NiteoWeb Plone projects

Project description

Starting, deploying and maintaining Plone 4 projects made easy

zopeskel.niteoweb is collection of ZopeSkel templates to help you standardize and automate the task of starting, deploying and maintaining a new Plone project. Its particularly helpful for less experienced Plone developers as they can get a properly structured and deployed Plone 4 project in no time. A complete tutorial on how to use these templates for your own projects is at

It will help you to automate and standardize:

  • Starting a new Plone 4 project that includes old- and new-style python, zope page template and css overrides, collective.xdv, etc.

  • Adding your own functionalities and look to Plone 4.

  • Staging and deploying your Plone 4 project on Rackspace Cloud server instance running CentOS, with Nginx in front and secured with iptables firewall (only $11 per month per instance!)

  • Maintaining and upgrading your Plone 4 project on the production server.

By default the Plone 4 project you create with these templates is equiped with:

  • latest collective.xdv with sample rules.xml and template.html,

  • .svnignore files to ignore files/folders that should not be stored inside your code repository,

  • base.cfg that holds global configuration for your buildout,

  • versions.cfg that pins all your eggs to specific versions to ensure repeatability,

  • development.cfg that builds a development environment,

  • production.cfg that builds a production environment with ZEO,

  • sphinx.cfg that is used to generate documentation for your code,

  • that shows you how to write tests for your project,

  • with Fabric commands to automatically deploy your code and data to a Rackspace Cloud server instance running CentOS,

  • Sphinx documentation for your project,

  • nginx.conf template to setup the Nginx web-proxy in front of your Zope,

  • basic iptables configuration to deny access on all ports but the ones you actually use,

  • munin-node.conf template to setup Munin system monitor node on your production server,

  • and many more smaller goodies.


Installation is simple, just run ‘sudo easy_install zopeskel.niteoweb’ and you’re good to go. Go where? To


Out-of-the-box, this package is intended for NiteoWeb’s internal projects. However, at you’ll find a comprehensive guide on how to use these templates for your own projects.

To do

  • patch iostat munin plugin

  • munin plugins for Zope

  • audit iptables

  • audit sudoers

  • audit sshd_config

  • bash_logout

  • yum-security email notification

  • investigate and fix fabric errors ‘err: /bin/bash: /home/zupo/.bash_profile: Permission denied’


  • Nejc ‘zupo’ Zupan, NiteoWeb Ltd.

  • Domen ‘iElectric’ Kožar, NiteoWeb Ltd.


0.1 (2010-08-30)

  • Went through the whole procedure and tested that it works. [zupo]

0.1a6 (2010-08-29)

  • Fix supervisord runtime error. [zupo]

  • Debugging and cleanup. [zupo]

0.1a5 (2010-08-29)

  • Refactored maintenance_hostname to headquarters_hostname. [zupo]

  • Added sendmail installation with Fabric. [zupo]

  • Hidden some ZopeSkel questions. [zupo]

  • Added ‘maintenance_ip’ question. [zupo]

  • Ask for maintenance username when starting Fabric commands. [zupo]

0.1a4 (2010-08-28)

  • Many fixes to templates. [zupo]

  • Pin down a specific version of Fabric. [zupo]

  • Moved global config, Fabric and zest.releaser to production.cfg. [zupo]

  • Changed comment banner styling. [zupo]

  • Moved actual code into ./src. [zupo]

  • Changed default IP. [zupo]

  • Added Quick-start information. [zupo]

0.1a3 (2010-08-27)

  • Fixed sintax errors in production.cfg_tmpl [zupo]

  • Added documentation structure. [zupo]

  • Added zc.buildout and Sphinx. [zupo]

0.1a2 (2010-08-26)

  • Added zest.releaser to buildout [zupo]

  • Added initial documentation. [zupo]

0.1a1 (2010-08-26)

  • Initial release. [zupo]

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