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TextIndexNG3 core implementation

Project description


3.6.2 (2017/05/23)

  • pinned zopyx.txng3.ext < 3.5

3.6.1 (2012/12/10)

  • creating temporary parser files using UID and PID

3.6.0 (2012/11/21)

  • replaced popen2.Popen3 by subprocess.Popen

  • removed dependency

  • older versions than Python 2.6 / Zope 2.12 / Plone 4.0 are no longer supported

  • updated portuguese stop word file

  • parsers/ - creating temporary parser files by process id instead of user id

3.5.3 (2011/03/20)

3.5.2 (2011/01/11)

  • yet another popen3() fix

3.5.1 (2010/11/22)

  • fixed improper popen3() call in

3.5.0 (2010/11/22)

  • merged thesaurus-improved branch

  • Thesaurus now treats all words synonomyously (this fixes 3111026) [fRiSi]

  • It’s possible to create a thesaurus based on an input file that is located outside of the zopyx.txng.core package:

    MyThesaurus = Thesaurus('de', '/path/to/my/thesaurus')

3.4.1 (2010/06/22)

  • Fixed a bug in query splitting when using zopyx.txng3.splitter.default.

3.4.0 (2010/05/20)

  • Made the ranking method to be looked up via a utiltiy. This way different ranking methods can be used easily.

  • Provide better backward compatibility in the ‘textindexng’ package by injecting modules from zopyx.txng3.core into sys.modules.

  • Added query argument search_all_fields to search in all fields when using dedicated storage.

  • Applying splitter not only to indexed content but also to query.

3.3.4 (2009/12/08)

  • workaround for a race condition in (likely caused by some ZCatalog inconsistency and some too optimistic assumptions).

3.3.3 (2009/05/02)

  • removed IObjectWrapper and related code that tried to unwrap wrapped content

3.3.2 (2009/03/17)

  • added ‘textindexng’ alias module for backward compatibility

3.3.1 (2009/03/15)

  • fixed packaging issue

3.3.0 (2009/03/15)

  • fixed Zope trunk compatibility

  • Fixed deprecation warnings (spamsch)

  • Fixed ting.TingIndex:apply to always return a lazy result (spamsch)


  • Added to ease to use of TXNG in grok. In future there specific implementation details could be included, hidden from the grok user. [spamsch]

  • Changed python2.4 to python to in to make it work with virtualenv environments [spamsch]

  • Fixed to never make zip file [spamsch]

  • Added dependencies needed for installation in pure zope3 environment. [spamsch]

  • Fixed TingIndex to play nicely with zope 3 conventions. It needs to derive from TextIndex to also work with hurry.query [spamsch]

  • Added simple tests for TingIndex [spamsch]

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