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Command-line interface for the Zotero API

Project description

# zotero-cli


A simple command-line interface for the Zotero API.

Currently the following features are supported:

- Search for items in the library
- Add/Edit notes for existing items
- Edit notes with a text editor of your choice in any format supported by
pandoc (markdown, reStructuredText, etc.)

## Installation
`zotero-cli` can be trivially installed from PyPi with `pip`:

$ pip install zotero-cli

If you want to try the bleeding-edge version:

$ pip install git+git://

The application requires an API key for the Zotero API and the user's library
ID. These can be obtained/created on
If you have them, set the `api_key` and `library_id` in the configuration file
(`~/.config/zotcli/config.ini`) to the appropriate value.

## Usage

To change the editor on *nix systems, set the `VISUAL` environment variable.

If you want to use a markup format other than pandoc's `markdown`, edit
the configuration file under `~/.config/zotcli/config.ini` and set the
`note_format` field to your desired value (as seen in `pandoc --help`).

Search for an item:
$ zotcli query "deep learning"
[F5R83K6P] Goodfellow et al.: Deep Learning

Add a new note to an item using either the item's ID or a query string to
locate it:
$ zotcli add-note "deep learning"
# Edit note in editor, save and it will be added to the library
If more than one item is found for the query string, you will be prompted which
one to use.

Edit an existing note (you can use a query string instead of an ID, too):
$ zotcli edit-note F5R83K6P
# Edit note in editor, save and it will be updated in the library

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