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Python library for creating native Windows notifications.

Project description

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# zroya2
Zroya is a Python package for creating native Windows notifications.

In contrast to first version of zroya, zroya2 is a Python extension built around C++
[WinToast]( library.

**Note**: Zroya2 is in beta testing. I would be grateful for any bug reports.

## Prerequisites

There are no requirements at the moment.

## Installation

Zroya2 is now available from pypi:

python -m pip install zroya

## Example


import zroya

# Initialize zroya module. Make sure to call this function.
# All parameters are required
zroya.init("YourAppName", "CompanyName", "ProductName", "SubProduct", "Version")

# Create notification template. TYPE_TEXT1 means one bold line withou image.
template = zroya.Template( zroya.TemplateType.Text1 )
# Set first line
template.setFirstLine("My First line")

# Save notification id for later use
notificationID =

# .. do something, maybe sleep?

# Hide notification

## Documentation

You may find some limited documentation on [Zroya Page](

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zroya-0.2.4-cp36-cp36m-win32.whl (47.7 kB view hashes)

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