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Exports patch status in Prometheus-compatible format.

Project description

This queries the current patch status of the system from Zypper and exports it in a format compatible with the Prometheus Node Exporter’s textfile collector.


# HELP zypper_applicable_patches The current count of applicable patches
# TYPE zypper_applicable_patches gauge
zypper_applicable_patches{category="security",severity="critical"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="security",severity="important"} 2
zypper_applicable_patches{category="security",severity="moderate"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="security",severity="low"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="security",severity="unspecified"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="recommended",severity="critical"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="recommended",severity="important"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="recommended",severity="moderate"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="recommended",severity="low"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="recommended",severity="unspecified"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="optional",severity="critical"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="optional",severity="important"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="optional",severity="moderate"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="optional",severity="low"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="optional",severity="unspecified"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="feature",severity="critical"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="feature",severity="important"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="feature",severity="moderate"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="feature",severity="low"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="feature",severity="unspecified"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="document",severity="critical"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="document",severity="important"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="document",severity="moderate"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="document",severity="low"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="document",severity="unspecified"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="yast",severity="critical"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="yast",severity="important"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="yast",severity="moderate"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="yast",severity="low"} 0
zypper_applicable_patches{category="yast",severity="unspecified"} 0
# HELP zypper_service_needs_restart Set to 1 if service requires a restart due to using no-longer-existing libraries.
# TYPE zypper_service_needs_restart gauge
zypper_service_needs_restart{service="nscd"} 1
zypper_service_needs_restart{service="dbus"} 1
zypper_service_needs_restart{service="cups"} 1
zypper_service_needs_restart{service="sshd"} 1
zypper_service_needs_restart{service="cron"} 1
# HELP zypper_product_end_of_life Unix timestamp on when support for the product will end.
# TYPE zypper_product_end_of_life gauge
zypper_product_end_of_life{product="openSUSE"} 1606694400
zypper_product_end_of_life{product="openSUSE_Addon_NonOss"} 1000000000000001
# HELP zypper_needs_rebooting Whether the system requires a reboot as core libraries or services have been updated.
# TYPE zypper_needs_rebooting gauge
zypper_needs_rebooting 0
# HELP zypper_scrape_success Whether the last scrape for zypper data was successful.
# TYPE zypper_scrape_success gauge
zypper_scrape_success 1

To get this picked up by the Prometheus Node Exporter’s textfile collector dump the output into a zypper.prom file in the textfile collector directory. You can utilise the --output-file parameter to have the exporter write directly to that file.:

> zypper-patch-status-collector --output-file /var/lib/node_exporter/collector/zypper.prom


Running this requires Python.

Install as any Python software via pip:

pip install zypper-patch-status-collector

It also requires the reboot advisory and the lifecycle plug-in for zypper to be installed:

zypper install zypper-needs-restarting zypper-lifecycle-plugin


The tests are based on pytest. Just run the following in the project root:


The default configuration requires the following Python packages to be available:

  • pytest

  • pytest-cov

  • pytest-mock


This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You can find a full version of the license in the LICENSE file. If not, see

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