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Zzzeek's Sphinx Layout and Utilities.

Project description

This is zzzeek’s own Sphinx layout, used by SQLAlchemy.

This layout is first and foremost pulled in for the SQLAlchemy documentation builds (and possibly other related projects).

Features include:

  • Uses Mako templates instead of Jinja, for more programmatic capabilities inside of templates.

  • Layout includes an independently scrollable sidebar

  • A unique (to Sphinx) “contextual” sidebar contents that shows the current page in context with all sibling pages (like that of MySQL’s docs). This is a form of TOC that Sphinx doesn’t typically have a lot of capability to do (well it could, with some simple feature adds), but IMO this kind of navigation is critical for very large and nested documentation sets, so that the navbar stays relatively small yet provides context as to where you are in the docs and what else is locally available.

  • Modifications to autodoc which illustrate inherited classes, bases, method documentation illustrates if a method is only inherited from the base or overridden.

  • A “dynamic base” feature that will, under ReadTheDocs, pull in optional .mako and .py files from the website of your choice that will serve as an alternate base template and a source of extra config setup, respectively, allowing the layout to be integrated into the layout of an external site when viewing on the web.

  • A “viewsource” extension that can provide highlighted sourcecode to any Python file arbitrarily.

  • SQLAlchemy-specific stuff, like the [SQL] popups, the dialect info directives.

  • scss support using pyscss.


in, the extension is:

extensions = [

The theme is:

html_theme = 'zzzeeksphinx'

Other configs that SQLAlchemy has set up; these two are probably needed:

# The short X.Y version.
version = "1.0"
# The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags.
release = "1.0.0"

release_date = "Not released"

Additional configs for the “dynamic site thing” look like:

site_base = os.environ.get("RTD_SITE_BASE", "")
site_adapter_template = "docs_adapter.mako"
site_adapter_py = ""

Configs which do some last-minute translation of module names when running autodoc to display API documentation:

autodocmods_convert_modname = {
    "sqlalchemy.sql.sqltypes": "sqlalchemy.types",
    "sqlalchemy.sql.type_api": "sqlalchemy.types",
    "sqlalchemy.sql.schema": "sqlalchemy.schema",
    "sqlalchemy.sql.elements": "sqlalchemy.sql.expression",
    "sqlalchemy.sql.selectable": "sqlalchemy.sql.expression",
    "sqlalchemy.sql.dml": "sqlalchemy.sql.expression",
    "sqlalchemy.sql.ddl": "sqlalchemy.schema",
    "sqlalchemy.sql.base": "sqlalchemy.sql.expression"

autodocmods_convert_modname_w_class = {
    ("sqlalchemy.engine.interfaces", "Connectable"): "sqlalchemy.engine",
    ("sqlalchemy.sql.base", "DialectKWArgs"): "sqlalchemy.sql.base",

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