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Dataset management à la ZFS

Project description

ZzzFS: dataset management à la ZFS

ZzzFS (“snooze FS”) brings a set of ZFS management commands to non-ZFS volumes, turning any directory on a traditional filesystem into a zpool-like object. Using only the Python standard library, ZzzFS can be useful to, for example, test tools that use ZFS functionality on a system lacking real ZFS. Of course, ZzzFS misses all of the low-level features underpinning true ZFS volumes: checksumming, copy-on-write, etc.

Note that this is distinct from the ZFS feature allowing a zpool to be created using a regular file as a vdev. ZzzFS translates commands into move/copy/symlink operations in the original filesystem; it does not manage blocks in a virtual disk.

This is a functional work in progress; don’t trust any important data to it just yet. The test suite covers the following features:

  • create/destroy/list “filesystems” and “pools”

  • clone/promote, send/receive, rollback, diff snapshots

  • get/set/inherit attributes

  • pool command history

Example usage:

$ zzzpool create mypool /tmp/pool
$ zzzpool list
mypool     -        -      -      -     ONLINE  -
$ zzzfs create mypool/work
$ zzzfs create mypool/play
$ zzzfs snapshot mypool/work@yesterday
$ zzzfs list -t all
NAME                    USED    AVAIL   REFER   MOUNTPOINT
mypool                     -        -       -   /private/tmp/pool/mypool
mypool/play                -        -       -   /private/tmp/pool/mypool/play
mypool/work                -        -       -   /private/tmp/pool/mypool/work
mypool/work@yesterday      -        -       -   -
$ zzzfs send mypool/work@yesterday | zzzfs receive mypool/more_work
$ zzzpool history
History for 'mypool':
2015-01-13.22:32:38 zzzpool create mypool /tmp/pool
2015-01-13.22:32:50 zzzfs create mypool/work
2015-01-13.22:32:53 zzzfs create mypool/play
2015-01-13.22:32:56 zzzfs snapshot mypool/work@yesterday
2015-01-13.22:33:48 zzzfs receive mypool/more_work

For more details on real ZFS command usage, see the Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration Guide (

Released under the CDDL v1.1 license. There’s no original ZFS code present, but it’s only appropriate to pair “snooze” with “cuddle.”

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