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Filter License :: OSI Approved :: GNU Lesser General Public License v3 (LGPLv3)

webarticle2text 3.0.2

Extracts the main article text from a webpage.

webuildcity 0.1.1 is a Django module for a collaboration platform about participation in urban planning.

wempy 0.1.5

Embedded python interpreter (very similar to Ruby's erb).

wifiphisher 1.4

Automated phishing attacks against Wi-Fi networks

wikiexpand 0.2

Expansion engine for MediaWiki wiki pages based on mwparserfromhell

wikijson 0.2.0

Wikipedia to JSON

witsub 1.2.1

A command line tool to download movies subtitles

woodpecker 0.0.1

Lightweight Load Test and Analysis Tool

wxgen 0.2.0a1

A package for generating arbitrarily long weather time-series

xccdf 0.1.5

XCCDF: Extensible Configuration Checklist Description Format Python Library.

yadisk 1.2.9

Библиотека-клиент REST API Яндекс.Диска / Yandex.Disk REST API client library

yagdspy 1.0

Graph dependancy system for processing tasks

yangson 1.3.26

Library for working with data modelled in YANG

yaws 1.1.0

Utils for AWS cloud

YAX 1.2.0

Yet Another XML parser with the power of event-based memory-safe mechanism.

yuuno 1.0

Yuuno = Jupyter + VapourSynth

yuuno-core 1.0

Yuuno-Core - Extract frames from videos.

zamia-prolog 0.1.0

Embeddable Prolog dialect implemented in pure Python. Stores its knowlegdebase using SQLAlchemy for scalability.

zato-apimox 1.3

Zato API Mox - Human Friendly HTTP and ZeroMQ mocks

zato-apitest 1.11

API Testing for Humans

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