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thumbor-png-optimizers 0.1.0

Contributed extensions for Thumbor

thumbor_rackspace 0.3

Rackspace addons for Thumbor

thumbor_riak 0.2

Riak image storage for Thumbor

thutils 0.1.24

Personal python utility library

tickeys 0.2.5

Instant audio feedback when typing. For Linux.

tidegravity 0.3.0b1

Tide gravitational correction based on I.M. Longman's Formulas for Computing the Tidal Accelerations Due to the Moon and the Sun

TideServer 0.2a5

Flask REST API to supply tidal gravity corrections

tidex-best-api 4.0.1 — Best API-client for Stock Exchanges (2018). Getting fresh orders in real time.

Tidy 2018.5

Minimalistic document management system

tiledb 0.2.0

Pythonic interface to the TileDB array storage manager

tilequeue 1.9.1

Queue operations to manage the processes surrounding tile rendering.


Get notified when your remote git repository got updated!

timeatdate 0.1.1

The 'timeatdate' package provides utilities for simplified analysis YAML.

timecat 2.0

a powerful tool for searching log files with binary search algorithm

timedop 0.0.7

Time python operations or enforce a time limit for function calls.

timegrep 1.5

Perform a binary search through a log file to find a range of times and print the corresponding lines

TiMemory 2.2.2

Lightweight cross-language pseudo-profiling for C, C++, and Python reporting timing [wall, user, system, cpu, %cpu] and resident set size (RSS) memory [current page allocation and peak usage]

timeparse 0.5.5

An argparse-extension for parsing command-line arguments as time-, date-, datetime-, or timedelta-objects.

timeparser 0.7.4

A python-module to parse strings to time-, date-, datetime- or timedelta-objects.

timex 0.20.0

A time expressions library implementing a mini-language for manipulating datetimes

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