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  Joined on Mar 23, 2015

32 projects


Last released on Oct 17, 2018

A Powerful HTML Parser/Scraper/Validator/Formatter that constructs a modifiable, searchable DOM tree, and includes many standard JS DOM functions (getElementsBy*, appendChild, etc) and additional methods


Last released on Sep 20, 2018

Utility which distributes a task across a fixed number of processes, and collates the output, for better utilization of multiprocessing


Last released on Aug 5, 2018

Utility for printing dmesg/kmsg/printk timestamps, taking into account drift.


Last released on Jul 9, 2018

A python library for postgresql focused on performance and supporting ORM and query-building functionality


Last released on Jul 9, 2018

A fast, parallel, featured python unit-testing framework


Last released on Apr 18, 2018

A script and python module to compare version numbers. Use this to compare the version strings of packages, modules, really anything.


Last released on Oct 12, 2017

Python module for an atomic named interprocess lock which is local to the machine.


Last released on Aug 10, 2017

Tool and library to convert markdown to restructed text (md to rst)


Last released on Aug 10, 2017

Python module which allows you to specify timeouts when calling any existing function. Also provides support for stoppable-threads


Last released on Jun 18, 2017

C-implemented linked-list module for Python


Last released on Jun 18, 2017

Tools to pop/peek lines from the head/tail or known position within a given file, and output to stdout. Makes files into queues!


Last released on Jun 13, 2017

Python bindings for LRZIP


Last released on Jun 11, 2017

Application which scans running processes on the system for given mappings (shared libraries, executables) or open file descriptors


Last released on Jun 11, 2017

Python module for scanning information on running processes, including mappings, open file-descriptors, process owner, and other information


Last released on Jun 5, 2017

A service manager for running/managing/monitoring/auto-restarting daemons and services at the user (non-root) level


Last released on May 24, 2017

A super-fast ORM backed by Redis, supporting models and indexes with O(1) searches, and support for storing native/complex types and objects


Last released on May 13, 2017

Networked file storage and retrieval with optional password protection and compression using Redis


Last released on Apr 24, 2017

Python module to add support for ORM-style filtering to any list of items


Last released on Mar 14, 2017

Extract data from json and convert to CSV


Last released on Jan 10, 2017

A simple, fast, pure-python load balancer


Last released on Jan 6, 2017

Pure-Python non-blocking IO functions


Last released on Dec 14, 2016

Easily create and use virtualenvs and provides the ability for an application to install and use its runtime dependencies at import time


Last released on Sep 7, 2016

Extensions to the upstream python subprocess module


Last released on Aug 19, 2016

A tool which reads input from stdin and converts it to a JIRA table


Last released on Aug 16, 2016

Allows using gdbm files created with version 1.8 or 1.10, without magic number errors.


Last released on Mar 31, 2016

Python module that will, in a single line, fetch an http/https url and return a string or dictionary (JSON)


Last released on Feb 12, 2016

Python module which can convert an extensive number of ways to represent time with strings to datetime objects


Last released on Dec 22, 2015

Provide a server-side means to ensure that clients always fetch assets when they are updated


Last released on Oct 19, 2015

Application which scans a list of given pids and determines the executing user


Last released on Aug 30, 2015

Tool to use SSH protocol to copy and execute arbitrary scripts/commands on a list of machines in parallel


Last released on Jun 11, 2015

Add authentication and enhance security to any existing service/protocol


Last released on Apr 8, 2015

Python 2/3 compatible commandline argument parser

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