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Django API generator over DRF

Project description

Django API Generator

Simple tool that Generates Secure APIs on top of DRF with minimum effort - actively supported by AppSeed.


  • API engine provided by DRF
  • Secured by JWT Tokens (mutating requests)
  • Minimal Configuration (single line in config for each model)
  • Handles any model defined across the project
  • CRUD access logic:
    • READ is public (all items, get item by ID)
    • Mutating requests are protected by JWT Tokens

Django API Generator - DRF Interface (open-source tool).

How to use it

Step #1 - Install the package

$ pip install django-api-generator
// OR
$ pip install git+

Step #2 - Update Configuration, include the new APPs

    'django_api_gen',            # Django API GENERATOR  # <-- NEW
    'rest_framework',            # Include DRF           # <-- NEW 
    'rest_framework.authtoken',  # Include DRF Auth      # <-- NEW   

Step #3 - Register the model in core/ (API_GENERATOR section)

This sample code assumes that app1 exists and model Book is defined and migrated.

    # pattern: 
    # API_SLUG -> Import_PATH 
    'books'  : "app1.models.Book",


Step #4 - Migrate DB and create the tables used by DRF

$ python makemigrations
$ python migrate

Step #5 - Generate API

$ python generate-api
// OR 
$ python generate-api -f # supress confirmation (forcing mode)

The code is generated under the api folder in the ROOT of the project. At each iteration the API code is overwritten.

Step #6 - Update routing, include APIs

from django.contrib import admin
from django.urls import path, include                        # <-- UPD: 'include` directive
from rest_framework.authtoken.views import obtain_auth_token # <-- NEW

urlpatterns = [
    path("api/",   include("api.urls")),        # <-- NEW
    path('login/jwt/', view=obtain_auth_token), # <-- NEW

Step #7 - Use API

If the managed model is Books, the API interface is /api/books/ and all CRUD methods are available.

Note: for mutating requests, the JWT Token is provided by http://localhost:8000/login/jwt/ route (the user should exist).

Django API Generator - POSTMAN Interface (open-source tool).

Links & resources

Django API Generator - Open-source library provided by AppSeed

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