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A recommender system package aimed towards researchers and students.

Project description

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author: Nicolas Hug


RecSys is an open source Python package that provides with tools to build and
evaluate the performance of many recommender system prediction algorithms. Its
goal is to make life easy(-ier) for reseachers and students who want to play
around with new recommender algorithm ideas.

A strong emphasis is laid on
[documentation](, which we
have tried to make as clear and precise as possible by pointing out every
detail of the algorithms, in order for the practitioner to have perfect
control over his experiments.


- [Dataset
handling]( is made easy.
- Various ready-to-use [prediction
- Easy to implement [new algorithm
- Evaluate,
[compare]( the algorithms performance.

Installation / Usage

Please, use a [virtual env](

To install from [PyPI](, use pip

$ pip install recsys

Or clone the repo and build from the sources (you'll need Cython and numpy

$ git clone
$ python install


from recsys import SVD
from recsys import Dataset
from recsys import evaluate

# Load the movielens-100k dataset and split it into 3 folds for
# cross-validation.
data = Dataset.load_builtin('ml-100k')

# We'll use the famous SVD algorithm.
algo = SVD()

# Evaluate performances of our algorithm on the dataset.
perf = evaluate(algo, data, measures=['RMSE', 'MAE'])



fold 0
RMSE: 0.9461
MAE: 0.7471
fold 1
RMSE: 0.9485
MAE: 0.7481
fold 2
RMSE: 0.9373
MAE: 0.7389
mean RMSE : 0.9440
mean MAE : 0.7447
[0.94610849207651793, 0.94851906980098399, 0.93725513525972337]
[0.74705780800352328, 0.74810449832136583, 0.73891237929484566]

Documentation, Getting Started

The documentation with many usage examples is available
[online]( on ReadTheDocs.


This project is licensed under the GPLv3 license - see the file for


- [Pierre-François Gimenez](, for his valuable
insights on software design.


Any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated (software design,
documentation, improvement ideas, spelling, etc...). Please feel free to

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