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3scale API python client

Project description

3scale REST API client in Python

3Scale REST API client in a wrapper over the 3scale API.

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Install and update using pip:

pip install 3scale-api

Or as a dependency using the pipenv

pipenv install 3scale-api


Client supports basic CRUD operations and it using the official 3scale API.

The API can be found at <>/p/admin/api_docs

Basic usage of the client:

from threescale_api import ThreeScaleClient, resources
from typing import List

client = ThreeScaleClient(url="", token="secret_token", ssl_verify=True)

# Get list of APIs/Services or any other resource
services: List[resources.Service] =

# Get service by it's name
test_service: resources.Service =["test_service"] # or use:

# Get service by it's id
test_service: resources.Service =[12345] # or use

# To get raw JSON response - you can use the fetch method - it takes the service id
raw_json: dict =

# To create a new service (or any other resource), parameters are the same as you would provide by the documentation
new_service: resources.Service ='my_testing_service', name="My Testing service")

# In order to update service you can either[123456].update(param="new_value")
# or
service: resources.Service =[123456]
service['param'] = 'new_value'

# To get a proxy config you can use
proxy: resources.Proxy =['test_service']

# To update the proxy you can either
proxy: resources.Proxy =['test_service'].proxy.update(parameter_to_update='update')
# or
proxy_instance =['test_service']
proxy_instance['param'] = 'new_value'

# On the service you can access the:
service: resources.Service =[123456]
service.proxy           # The PROXY client
service.mapping_rules   # mapping rules client
service.metrics         # metrics
service.app_plans       # application plans

# The proxy supports:
proxy =
proxy.promote(version=1, from_env="sandbox", to_env="production") # The promote operation
proxy.mapping_rules # The mapping rules
proxy.configs       # proxy configurations client
proxy.policies      # Policies defined for the API

Run the Tests

To run the tests you need to have installed development dependencies:

pipenv install --dev

and then run the pytest:

pipenv run pytest -v

Integration tests configuration

To run the integration tests you need to set these env variables:



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