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Create JSON:API and Web App from database, with LogicBank -- 40X more concise, Python for extensibility.

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API Logic Server Intro


Find the documentation here. To explore (no download, no install), click...


Welcome to API Logic Server

API Logic Server creates customizable database web app projects:

  • Creation is Instant: create projects with a single command

  • Projects are Highly Functional:

    • API: an endpoint for each table, with filtering, sorting, pagination and related data access

    • Admin UI: multi-page / multi-table apps, with page navigations and automatic joins

  • Projects are Customizable, using your IDE: such as VSCode, PyCharm, etc, for familiar edit/debug services

  • Business Logic Automation: using unique rules, extensible with Python



A brief look at why we built it, and what it is.

Motivation - not instant, propietary IDE, no logic automation

We looked at approaches for building database systems:

  • Frameworks: Frameworks like Flask or Django enable you to build a single endpoint or Hello World page, but a multi-endpoint API and multi-page application would take weeks or more.

  • Low Code Tools: these are great for building great UIs, but

    • Want a multi-page app -- no screen painting
    • Want to preserve dev tools - VSCode, PyCharm, git, etc
    • Need an answer for backend logic (it's nearly half the effort)

Our Approach: Instant, Customizable, Logic Automation

API Logic Server is an open source Python project, consisting of:

  • a set of runtimes (SAFRS API, Flask, SQLAlchemy ORM, rule engine) for project execution, plus

  • a CLI (Command Language Interface) to create executable projects, which can be customized in an IDE such as VSCode or PyCharm

It runs as a standard pip install, or under Docker. After installation, you use the CLI create a project like this:

ApiLogicServer create --project_name=ApiLogicProject db_url=

API Logic Server reads your schema, and creates an executable, customizable project providing the features listed below. Check it out - zero install - here, in Codespaces.


Feature Summary

Feature Providing Why it Matters
Instant 1. Admin App Instant multi-page, multi-table app (running here on PythonAnywhere) Engage Business Users
Back-office Admin
2. JSON:API and Swagger Endpoint for each table, with...
Filtering, pagination, related data
Unblock custom App Dev
Application Integration
3. Data Model Class Creation Classes for Python-friendly ORM Custom Data Access
Used by API
Customizable 4. Customizable Project Custom Endpoints, Logic
Use Python and your IDE
Customize and run
Re-creation not required
Unique Logic 5. Spreadsheet-like Business Rules   :trophy: 40X more concise - compare legacy code Unique backend automation
... nearly half the system
Extensible with Python Familiar Event Model Eg., Send messages, email
Testing 6. Behave Test Framework Test Suite Automation
Behave Logic Report
Drive Automation with Agile
Optimize Automation to get it fast
Agile Collaboration to get it right


Instant -- Single Command

Use the CLI to create the sample API and Admin App project, with a single command.


Create With Docker

Execute the following commands (Windows, use Powershell):

# Start the API Logic Server docker container
docker run -it --name api_logic_server --rm -p 5656:5656 -p 5002:5002 -v ${PWD}:/localhost apilogicserver/api_logic_server

ApiLogicServer create-and-run --project_name=/localhost/ApiLogicProject --db_url=


Or, Create With Local Install

Presuming Python 3.7+ is installed, it's typically:

python -m venv venv                  # may require python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate             # windows venv\Scripts\activate
venv\Scripts\activate                # mac/linux: source venv/bin/activate
python -m pip install ApiLogicServer

ApiLogicServer create-and-run        # create, or create-and-run; accept defaults



Your server is running - explore the data and api at localhost:5656. Using the defaults provided above, you have started the Tutorial, the recommended quick start for API Logic Server.


Customize in IDE

VSCode and PyCharm users can customize and run/debug within their IDE with these steps. Created projects include Launch and Docker configurations.

Rebuild services are provided to accomodate changes to database structure or ORM classes.


Overview Video

Project creation is based on database schema introspection as shown below: identify a database, and the ApiLogicServer create commands creates an executable, customomizable project.

Click for a video tutorial, showing complete project creation, execution, customization and debugging.

Using VS Code


Getting Started

Quick Evaluation - no install

You can avoid install hassles by exploring the Sample Project in Codespaces. This will enable you to use VSCode - in your Browser, zero install - to:

  • see the created project
  • use the Tutorial to run, customize and debug it

We think you'll find Codespaces pretty amazing - check it out!

Local Install

API Logic Server is designed to make it easy to get started:

  • Install and run Tutorial - install, and explore the tutorial. You'll create a complete project using the pre-installed sample database, explore its features, and support for customization and debugging.

  • Dockerized Test Databases - then, you might like to try out some of our dockerized test databases.

  • Your Database - finally, try your own database.


Project Information


There are a number of facilities that will quickly enable you to get familiar with API Logic Server:

  • Tutorial walks you through the steps of creating a server
  • Video shows the steps of creating a server


Making Contributions

This is an open source project. We are open to suggestions. Some of our ideas include:

Component Provides Consider Adding
1. JSON:API and Swagger API Execution Serverless, Kubernetes
2. Transactional Logic Rule Enforcement New rule types
3. This project API Logic Project Creation Support for features described above

To get started, please see the Architecture.



We have tested several databases - see status here.

We are tracking issues in git.



Many thanks to

  • Thomas Pollet, for SAFRS, SAFRS-react-admin, and invaluable design partnership
  • Marelab, for react-admin
  • Armin Ronacher, for Flask
  • Mike Bayer, for SQLAlchemy
  • Alex Grönholm, for Sqlacodegen
  • Thomas Peters, for review and testing
  • Meera Datey, for React Admin prototyping
  • Denny McKinney, for Tutorial review
  • Achim Götz, for design collaboration and testing
  • Max Tardiveau, for testing and help with Docker
  • Michael Holleran, for design collaboration and testing
  • Nishanth Shyamsundar, for review and testing
  • Gloria Huber and Denny McKinney, for doc review



There are a few articles that provide some orientation to API Logic Server:

[^1]: See the FAQ for Low Code

Change Log

05/07/2023 - 08.04.00: safrs 3.0.4, tutorial demo notes, rm cli/docs, move pythonanywhere

05/01/2023 - 08.03.06: allocation sample

04/29/2023 - 08.03.03: restore missing debug info for open database failures

04/26/2023 - 08.03.00: virt attrs (Issue 56), safrs 3.0.2, LogicBank 1.8.4, project readme updates

04/13/2023 - 08.02.00: integratedConsole, logic logging (66), table relns fix (65)

03/23/2023 - 08.01.15: table filters, cloud debug additions, issue 59, 62-4

02/15/2023 - 08.00.01: Declarative Authorization and Authentication

01/05/2023 - 07.00.00: Multi-db, sqlite test dbs, tests run, security prototype, env config

11/22/2022 - 06.03.06: Image, Chkbox, Dialects,, SQL/Server url change, stop endpoint, Chinook Sqlite

10/02/2022 - 06.02.00: Option infer_primary_key, Oct1 SRA (issue 49), cleanup db/api setup, restore postgres dvr

09/15/2022 - 06.01.00: Multi-app Projects

08/28/2022 - 06.00.01: Admin App show_when, cascade add. Simplify Codespaces swagger url & use default config

06/12/2022 - 05.02.22: No pyodbc by default, model customizations simplified, better logging

05/04/2022 - 05.02.03: alembic for database migrations, admin-merge.yaml

04/27/2022 - 05.01.02: copy_children, with support for nesting (children and grandchildren, etc.)

03/27/2022 - 05.00.06: Introducing Behave test framework, LogicBank bugfix

12/26/2021 - 04.00.05: Introducing the Admin app, with Readme Tutorial

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