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A useful module for any CompBio

Project description


what is genepy?

A set of awesome functions & tools for Computational Geneticists

long genome


  • utils: where a bunch of helper functions and usefull general scripts are stored
    • plots: a set of plotting tools based on matplotlib and bokeh to make volcano plots / CNV maps etc..
    • helper: and additional helper functions to save data, do merging of dataframes...
  • terra: contains a set of functions that uses dalmatian to interact with the GCP powered genomics HPC platform: Terra.
  • sequencing: contains a set of function to works with bed/bam/fastqs...
  • rna: contains function to work with RNAseq (and related) data.
    • pyDESeq2: it is a python integration of deseq2 (the differential expression analyser) with rpy2
  • mutations: a set of functions to work with maf files, vcf files etc..
  • google: functions and packages linked to google's apis
    • google_sheet: function to upload a df as a google sheet
    • gcp: sets of functions to interact with google storage (relies on gsutil)
  • epigenetics: where we have things related to epigenomics
    • chipseq: has functions to read, merge, denoise, ChIP seq data.
    • plot: has functions to plot ChIP seq data.

Helper tools

tools that you do not need to use directly as they have binding functions in genepy.

  • epigenetics/rose:: where an updated version of the rose algorithm is stored (as a git submodule)
  • cell_line_mapping-master/python/cell_line_mapper: a set of functions to map cell line ids to other cell line ids based on an up to date google spreadsheet.


with pip

pip install broad-genepy

and then use with from genepy.utils/epigenetics/... import ...

dev mode

git clone git://
pip install -e genepy

then you can import files in python with e.g:

from genepy import terra
from genepy.utils import helper as h
from import gcp
from genepy.utils import plot
from genepy.epigenetics import chipseq


hg38 genome sizes: from

installation: to get access to all bindings

Install the following tools:

Finaly you can install R packages (GSEABase, erccdashboard, GSVA, DESeq2):

R -e 'if(!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)){install.packages("BiocManager")};BiocManager::install(c("GSEABase", "erccdashboard", "GSVA", "DESeq2"));'


please do contribute, we do not have time to fix all issues or work on feature requests

Jeremie Kalfon

Javad Noorbakhsh

Apache license 2.0.

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