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send text messages with bulksmszw api

Project description


  • bulksmszw api for sending affordable text messages in Python
  • for Embedded device supported library in C++ for ESP8266-Arduino boards for IoT check out the ported library bulksms ESP8266


  • make sure git is installed on your system or download repo as zip
  • In cmd or terminal do
$ git clone
$ cd BulkSmsZW-Api
$ python install
  • or directly with pip, python3.x
$ pip install bulksmszw

demo gif

Authentication details

  • register an account on bulksms website
  • if already have an account, login on bulksms web portal
  • Got to "My Account", then Click on "User Configuration", to obtain "Webservices token".

Sending default message

  • test file
  • recipients is passed as a list of bulksms valid format 2637xxxxxxxx, list can also contain groups #devteam and can be mixed
 api = Client(<username>, <token>)
 respond = api.send("hello guys", ['2637xxxxxxxx', '#devteam', '#students'])
  • Example script
from BulkSmsApi.Client import Client

bulksms = Client(<username>, <web-token>)

response = bulksms.send(body="bulk sms ZW api testing", recipients=['2637xxxxxxxx', '2637yyyyyyyy'])

  • On successful run, the response default message respond

test run gif

Send message and get credits(text messages) left

  • credits flag by default is set to False
  • to receive the number of credits on your web portal, set the credit flag to True
api = Client(<username>, <token>)

credits_response = api.send(body="hello world", recipients=['2637xxxxxxxx'], credits=True)


credits response

Catch BulkSmsZw status errors as python exceptions

  • You can wrap your code in a try - except to catch unsuccessful and bulksms error messages as normal python exceptions
# this wil throw an exception because of the wrong / not valid username

bulksms = Client(username=<wrong-username>, token=<web-token>)

    response = bulksms.send(body="bulk sms ZW api testing", recipients=['2637xxxxxxxx', '2637yyyyyyyy'])

except Exception as exc:
    print("Encountered an Error: %s" %exc)

bulksms exception


  • responses are in default JSON format used by BulkSMSZW service


  • Big shoutout to the BulkSMS ZW team
  • Original bulksms python api script
  • All credits to the Bulk SMS ZW Team



  • Schedule messages
  • Validate phone numbers

get in contact

Project details

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Bulksmsapi-zw-1.2.0.tar.gz (4.4 kB view hashes)

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Bulksmsapi_zw-1.2.0-py3-none-any.whl (5.8 kB view hashes)

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