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A simple command line tools to create and read CSR and P12

Project description

Python module to generate key, certificate request, self signed certificate and p12 certificate


This can be used only with python2.7

Getting started

required modules:

  • Click
  • pyOpenSSL
  • pycparser
  • PyYAML

Installing package using pip

$ pip install CertGenerator


Usage: cert [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  A command line tool to create and read CSR and P12

  -V, --version  show version and exit
  -h, --help     Show this message and exit.

  config               Edit or read config ini
  create               Create a single CSR
  create-multiple      Create multiple certificate using csv file
  create-multiple-p12  Create multiple p12 using csv file
  create-p12           Create a simple p12 Need key file and pem file
  init                 Create or edit certificate folder and csv file Add...
  read                 Read csr or p12


Configuration files



Create default folder
  • May require sudo
  • Default folder => $HOME/Documents/CertGenerator/
  • copy default csv file to $HOME/Documents/CertGenerator/csv/serial.csv
  • copy yaml file to $HOME/Documents/CertGenerator/csr.yaml
$ sudo cert init
To change default folder or default csv:
  • May require sudo
$ sudo cert init -cert [path/of/folder] -csv [path/of/csv/file]


$ sudo cert config edit -cert [path/of/folder] -csv [path/of/csv/file]
To edit yaml file:
  • Enter the desired subject
  • Enter “-” to keep empty
  • If you want to create multiple csr using serial.csv, don’t use Commmon Name => just enter “-” to keep empty
  • Note: You always have old csr.yaml in folder under format csr.yam_[date od modification]
$ cert config edit-yaml


Create csr

Create one csr

  • Use -c if you want to use csr.yaml to create csr
  • Use -f to overwrite existing csr
  • The key and csr files will be created in {folder}/certificate/csr/
  • Example: With the command below it will create
    • {folder}/certificate/csr/test/test.csr
    • {folder}/certificate/csr/test/test.key
$ cert create test -c [-f]

Create multiple csr

  • Use -c if you want to use csv file and csr.yaml
  • Use -f to overwrite existing csr
* cert create-multiple -c [-f]

Create p12

Create one p12

  • You need pem file and key file:
  • Use -f to overwrite existing p12
$ cert create-p12 test.p12 [-f] --pem [path/of/pem file] --key [path/of/key file] -pass [password(default:3z6F2Xfc)]

Create multiple p12

  • for creating multiple p12: pem file, key file and p12 must have the same name
  • Use -f to overwrite existing p12
  • Example if you create test1.p12 test2.P12 …:
    • In the csv file, you must have test1 test2 …
    • The pem files must be test1.pem test2.pem …
    • The key files must be test1.key test2.key …
    • It will search key files in folder/certificate/csr/
$ cert create-multiple-p12 -c [-f] --pem-folder [path/of/pem folder]

If you want to use an other folder to search key files, add –key-folder:

$ cert create-multiple-p12 -c [-f] --pem-folder [path/of/pem folder] --key-folder [path/of/key folder]


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