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A Twisted Web REST micro-framework

Project description

Based on Flask API, with plans for integrated multiprocessing support for full usage of all CPUs. Provides a more Flask/Sinatra-style API on top of the core twisted.web APIs. Integrates FormEncode for path, form and query argument validation.

An example of a multi–module twisted.web CorePost REST application which exposes two separate REST services (for a Customer and Customer Address entities):

class CustomerRESTService():
    path = "/customer"

    def getAll(self,request):
        return DB.getAllCustomers()

    def get(self,request,customerId):
        return DB.getCustomer(customerId)

    def post(self,request,customerId,firstName,lastName):
        customer = Customer(customerId, firstName, lastName)
        return Response(201)

    def put(self,request,customerId,firstName,lastName):
        c = DB.getCustomer(customerId)
        (c.firstName,c.lastName) = (firstName,lastName)
        return Response(200)

    def delete(self,request,customerId):
        return Response(200)

    def deleteAll(self,request):
        return Response(200)

class CustomerAddressRESTService():
    path = "/customer/<customerId>/address"

    def getAll(self,request,customerId):
        return DB.getCustomer(customerId).addresses

    def get(self,request,customerId,addressId):
        return DB.getCustomerAddress(customerId, addressId)

    def post(self,request,customerId,addressId,streetNumber,streetName,stateCode,countryCode):
        c = DB.getCustomer(customerId)
        address = CustomerAddress(streetNumber,streetName,stateCode,countryCode)
        c.addresses[addressId] = address
        return Response(201)

    def put(self,request,customerId,addressId,streetNumber,streetName,stateCode,countryCode):
        address = DB.getCustomerAddress(customerId, addressId)
        (address.streetNumber,address.streetName,address.stateCode,address.countryCode) = (streetNumber,streetName,stateCode,countryCode)
        return Response(200)

    def delete(self,request,customerId,addressId):
        DB.getCustomerAddress(customerId, addressId) #validate address exists
        return Response(200)

    def deleteAll(self,request,customerId):
        c = DB.getCustomer(customerId)
        c.addresses = {}
        return Response(200)

def run_rest_app():
    app = RESTResource((CustomerRESTService(),CustomerAddressRESTService()))

if __name__ == "__main__":

And the BDD showing off its different features


  • 0.0.16:
  • 0.0.15:
    • minor bug fixes in auto-converting responses to JSON and parsing arguments/paths with unexpectec characters

  • 0.0.14:
  • 0.0.13:
    • perf fix to avoid unnecessary string concatenation when doing URL routing, after code review (thanks to Gerald Tremblay)

  • 0.0.12:
    • backwards incompatible change: added advanced URL routing for nested REST services. CorePost object is gone, REST services are now just standard classes. They get wrapped in a RESTResource object (see sample above) when exposed

  • 0.0.11:
    • added support for request/response filters

  • 0.0.10:
    • removed dependency on txZMQ which was not needed at this point (yet)

  • 0.0.9:
  • 0.0.8:
    • support for serializing of classes to JSON,XML,YAML based on caller’s Accept header

    • separate routing functionality from CorePost Resource object, in preparation for future multicore support

  • 0.0.7:
    • automatic parsing of incoming content (JSON, YAML, XML)

    • routing by incoming content type

    • automatic response conversion based on caller’s Accept header (JSON/YAML

    • support for defer.returnValue() in @inlineCallbacks route methods

  • 0.0.6 - redesigned API around classes and methods, rather than functions and global objects (after feedback from Twisted devs)

  • 0.0.5 - added FormEncode validation for arguments

  • 0.0.4 - path argument extraction, mandatory argument error checking

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