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EmojiCloud: a Tool for Emoji Cloud Visualization

Project description



EmojiCloud is an open-source Python-based emoji cloud visualization tool that generates a quick and straightforward understanding of emojis from the perspective of frequency and importance. EmojiCloud is flexible enough to support diverse drawing shapes, such as rectangles, ellipses, and image masked canvases. We also follow inclusive and personalized design principles to cover the unique emoji designs from seven emoji vendors (e.g., Twitter, Apple, and Windows) and allow users to customize plotted emojis and background colors. We hope EmojiCloud can benefit the whole emoji community due to its flexibility, inclusiveness, and customizability.

Basic Usage

from EmojiCloud.plot import plot_dense_emoji_cloud
from EmojiCloud.emoji import EmojiManager
from EmojiCloud.canvas import EllipseCanvas, RectangleCanvas, MaskedCanvas
from EmojiCloud.vendors import TWIITER

# set emoji weights by a dict with key: emoji in unicode, value: weight
dict_weight = {'1f1e6-1f1e8': 1.1, '1f4a7': 1.2, '1f602': 1.3, '1f6f4': 1.4, '1f6f5': 1.5, '1f6f6': 1.6, '1f6f7': 1.7, '1f6f8': 1.8, '1f6f9': 1.9, '1f6fa': 2.0, '1f6fb': 2.1, '1f6fc': 2.2, '1f7e0': 2.3, '1f9a2': 2.4, '1f9a3': 2.5, '1f9a4': 2.6, '1f9a5': 2.7, '1f9a6': 2.8, '1f9a8': 2.9, '1f9a9': 3.0}

# emoji vendor 
emoji_list = EmojiManager.create_list_from_single_vendor(dict_weight, TWITTER)

# masked canvas 
print("Plotting masked cloud")
img_mask = 'twitter-logo.png'
thold_alpha_contour = 10 
contour_width = 5
contour_color = (0, 172, 238, 255)
saved_emoji_cloud_name = 'emoji_cloud_masked.png'
m_canvas = MaskedCanvas(img_mask, contour_width, contour_color, thold_alpha_contour)
im = plot_dense_emoji_cloud(m_canvas, emoji_list)

# rectangle canvas 
print("Plotting rectangle cloud")
canvas_w = 72*10
canvas_h = 72*4
canvas = RectangleCanvas(canvas_w, canvas_h)
saved_emoji_cloud_name = 'emoji_cloud_rectangle.png'
im = plot_dense_emoji_cloud(canvas, emoji_list)

# ellipse canvas
print("Plotting ellipse cloud")
canvas_w = 72*10
canvas_h = 72*4
saved_emoji_cloud_name = 'emoji_cloud_ellipse.png'
canvas = EllipseCanvas(canvas_w, canvas_h)
im = plot_dense_emoji_cloud(canvas, emoji_list)


Masked Result Image

Rectangle Result Image

Ellipse Result Image

All available vendors is stored in EmojiCloud.vendors.vendor_dir_list as a Python list:

from EmojiCloud.vendors import vendor_dir_list

You can check if an emoji with a specific unicode of a specific vendor exists using EmojiManager.check_exists(unicode, vendor) method.


Contributors names and contact info


See the file for details


This project is inspired by Yunhe Feng's paper EmojiCloud: a Tool for Emoji Cloud Visualization.

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