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Finds function definitions/signatures from the command line.

Project description

Finds and prints function definitions/signatures in source code files. It currently handles JavaScript, Shell, Python (classes too, since they’re just functions anyway :smile:), and C-style function definitions, as well as Makefile targets. It will highlight the body of the functions for readability.


These are installable with pip:

Name Description
colr Terminal colors.
docopt Command line argument parsing.
printdebug Debug printing for command line tools.
pygments Source code highlighting.


This package is listed on PyPi, and is installable with pip:

pip install findfunc


    findfunc -h | -v
    findfunc PAT -p [-a] [--color] [-d] [-D...] [-S] [-s]
             [-c pat] [-C pat] [-e pat] [-f pat] [-l num] [-m num]
    findfunc PAT [PATH...] [-a] [--color] [-d] [-D...] [-S] [-s]
             [-c pat] [-C pat] [-e pat] [-f pat] [-l num] [-m num]

    PATH                   : Zero or more file paths to search.
                             If the path is a directory it will be walked.
                             Default: stdin
    PAT                    : Function name or regex pattern to search for.
    -a,--any               : Matches anywhere in the name.
                             This is the same as: (.+?pattern|pattern.+?)
    --color                : Always use color.
    -c pat,--contains pat  : Only show definitions that contain this
                             pattern in the body.
    -C pat,--without pat   : Only show definitions that do not contain
                             this pattern in the body.
                             This cancels out any -c pattern.
    -D,--debug             : Print some debugging info while running.
                             If given more than once, the verbosity
    -d,--defines           : Allow `#define` macros to match.
    -e pat,--exclude pat   : Regex pattern to exclude file paths.
    -f pat,--filter pat    : Regex pattern to include file paths.
    -h,--help              : Show this help message.
    -l num,--length num    : Show definitions that match this line length.
                             Tests can be prepended:
                                 >N  : More than N lines.
                                 <N  : Less than N lines.
                                >=N  : More than or equal to N lines.
                                <=N  : Less than or equal to N lines.
                                 =N  : Exactly N lines.
                                ==N  : Exactly N lines.
                                  N  : Exactly N lines.
    -m num,--maxcount num  : Maximum number of definitions to show.
    -p,--paths             : Search all directories found in the config
    -S,--signature         : Just print the signatures found.
    -s,--short             : Use shorter output mode.
    -v,--version           : Show version.

Any file with a name like '[Mm]akefile' will trigger makefile-mode.
Unfortunately that mode doesn't work for stdin data.

JSON config can be loaded from: ~/findfunc.json


Here is a recording showing FindFunc’s output when ran multiple times for various file types:


Instead of typing each command, I made a script to do it for me. So it may seem a little fast. It’s running findfunc PATTERN DIR_OR_FILE with or without a --maxcount or --signature flag set.


Config is a JSON file that can be loaded from CWD, ~/findfunc.json, or ~/.local/share/findfunc.json.

It’s format is:

    "default_paths": ["my_dir1", "my_file1", "/home/me/scripts"]

default_paths is a list of directory or file paths to search when the -p flag is given.

Project details

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