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A Flask extension to help in generating Google Text-To-Speech files.

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A Flask extension to add support for Google Text-To-Speech (TTS).


- With pip

  • pip install Flask-gTTS

- From the source:

  • git clone
  • cd flask_gtts
  • python install


- Inside the Flask app:

from flask import Flask, render_template
from flask_gtts import gtts
app = Flask(__name__)

- Inside the jinja template:

{% block content %}
  <audio src="{{ sayit(text='Hello from Flask !')}}"></audio>
{% endblock %}

- Dynamic read TTS example:

  {{ read(id='.readIt') }}
  <h1 class='readIt'>Say something</h1>
  <h1 class='readIT' language='it'>qualcosa da dire</h1>

- Dynamic route example:

from flask import Flask
from flask_gtts import gtts

# If we want to allow only logged in users for example.
from flask_login import login_required

app = Flask(__name__)

And now you can test the endpoint by accessing http://localhost:5000/gtts/en-us/some text to test. It will return JSON response:

    "mp3": "Generated audio file path."


  • gtts() options:
def __init__(self, app=None, temporary=True, tempdir='flask_gtts', route=False,
                 route_path='/gtts', route_decorator=None):
        '''Extension to help in generating Google Text-To-Speech files.

        app : Flask Application, optional
            Flask application instance, by default None
        temporary : bool, optional
            Remove the audio files before existing, by default True
        tempdir : str, optional
            Name of the static directory to store audio files in, by default 'flask_gtts'
        route : bool, optional
            Enable endpoint to generate TTS file dynamically, by default False
        route_path : str, optional
            Endpoint route path, by default '/gtts'
        route_decorator : callable, optional
            Decorator to wrap route endpoint, by default None
        failsafe : bool, optional
            Failsafe or throw exceptions, by default False
  • sayit() options:
def say(self, lang='en-us', text='Flask says Hi!'):
        '''Generate a TTS audio file.

        lang : str, optional
            Language to produce the TTS in, by default 'en-us'
        text : str, optional
            Text to convert into audio, by default 'Flask says Hi!'

            Relative url of the generated TTS audio file.
  • read() options:
def read(self, id='.toRead', mouseover=False):
        '''Read an HTML element inner text.

        id : str, optional
            HTML element css selector, by default '.toRead'
        mouseover : bool, optional
            Read text on `mouseover` event instead of `click`, by default False

            Safe JavaScript to read an HTML element content.
  • List of supported languages:

'af' : 'Afrikaans' 'sq' : 'Albanian' 'ar' : 'Arabic' 'hy' : 'Armenian' 'bn' : 'Bengali' 'ca' : 'Catalan' 'zh' : 'Chinese' 'zh-cn' : 'Chinese (Mandarin/China)' 'zh-tw' : 'Chinese (Mandarin/Taiwan)' 'zh-yue' : 'Chinese (Cantonese)' 'hr' : 'Croatian' 'cs' : 'Czech' 'da' : 'Danish' 'nl' : 'Dutch' 'en' : 'English' 'en-au' : 'English (Australia)' 'en-uk' : 'English (United Kingdom)' 'en-us' : 'English (United States)' 'eo' : 'Esperanto' 'fi' : 'Finnish' 'fr' : 'French' 'de' : 'German' 'el' : 'Greek' 'hi' : 'Hindi' 'hu' : 'Hungarian' 'is' : 'Icelandic' 'id' : 'Indonesian' 'it' : 'Italian' 'ja' : 'Japanese' 'km' : 'Khmer (Cambodian)' 'ko' : 'Korean' 'la' : 'Latin' 'lv' : 'Latvian' 'mk' : 'Macedonian' 'no' : 'Norwegian' 'pl' : 'Polish' 'pt' : 'Portuguese' 'ro' : 'Romanian' 'ru' : 'Russian' 'sr' : 'Serbian' 'si' : 'Sinhala' 'sk' : 'Slovak' 'es' : 'Spanish' 'es-es' : 'Spanish (Spain)' 'es-us' : 'Spanish (United States)' 'sw' : 'Swahili' 'sv' : 'Swedish' 'ta' : 'Tamil' 'th' : 'Thai' 'tr' : 'Turkish' 'uk' : 'Ukrainian' 'vi' : 'Vietnamese' 'cy' : 'Welsh'


  • gTTS: Python Google text-to-speech

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