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Light wrapper for the R topGO package that produces interactive GO enrichment html reports

Project description

GOldwasher is a light wrapper for the R package topGO ( The function of GOldwasher is limited to the calculation of GO term enrichment (via elimFisher algorithm) of target gene lists and also the generation their respective GO subgraph images (via Graphviz ( - Graph Visualization Software) subsuming their annotations. These elements are then incorporated together into html a single report file per input list which can then be interactively explored. The purpose and focus of this module is to facilitate batch processing of several gene lists.

Current release: 0.2.9 (alpha)

Provides basic functionality and basic documentation. Methods and functions are working if the input does not deviate from expected (none to little input sanitization) but they haven’t been extensively tested.


  • Write (proper) tests

  • Improve documentation

  • Re-think R interface mod

  • Make OBOe mod independent of ontology mod

  • Extend functionality (select and compare subsets)


# pip install GOldwasher-0.2.8.tar.gz


# pip install GOldwasher

Requirements: The non-python dependencies are:

R packages (and inherently R):

These packages/file should be installed/downloaded for GOldwasher to work. All other python dependencies should be automatically resolved by pip.


GOldwasher can be used as a module, making use of its methods, or more easily it can conveniently be used from its command tool ‘goldpanner’

goldpanner [-h] -c CONFIG -i INPUTDIR


goldpanner -c settings.ini -i lists/ REPORT

-c ini file with general settings using the following structure:

[meta] [vars]

alpha = 0.01

organism = phaeodactylum


functionalDesc = /path/to/tabseparedfile/withIDtabFunctionalDescription.txt

g_map = /path/to/mappings/identifier2GOaccessions.txt

obofile = /path/to/go-basic.obo

#linkinsets = /path/to/custom/organisms.json


alpha - significance level

organism - name of the organism (as key name on ‘organisms.json’)



path to tab-separated file holding a column of identifiers and their matching functional descriptors.


path to tab-separated file holding a column of identifiers and a second column with their associated GO term accession numbers separated by commas.


Phatr3_J43587.t1  GO:0006396,GO:0005622,GO:0005515


path to the GO ontology obo file. It can be downloaded from:


If using organisms other than Arabidopis thaliana or Phaeodactylum tricornutum uncomment this variable and set it as the path to the customized ‘organisms.json’. By default no cross-links are generated for unknown/unset organisms.

-i directory with the target lists.


ANNOT - annotates identifiers lists with respective available functional descriptors.

ENRICH - performs GO term enrichment on the annotated lists.

DAG - generates color-coded GO graph image (svg format) from (topGO) enrichment results.

REPORT - generates an interactive html GO enrichment report for each list on the input directory.

optional argument:

-o output directory (can be used with all commands except ENRICH)


3rd party libraries — Additional required 3rd party content is also bundled together with the source code for this program. That content is listed below along with the licenses under which they have been released.

> OBO Ontology python module
Copyright (c) Bioinformatics Laboratory, FRI UL
Released under the GNU General Public License license
> Sortable tables
Copyright (c) Stuart Langridge
Released under the X11 (MIT) license
> jQuery
Copyright (c) jQuery Foundation and other contributors
Released under the MIT license:
> SVGPan v3.2.9
Copyright (c) Andrea Leofreddi
The code from the SVGPan library is licensed under the following BSD license
> Tabbed Content v2013.7.6
Free to use

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