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A simple storage interface with multiple backends for use in a Keg app.

Project description

A simple storage interface with multiple back ends for use in a Keg app.



0.5.11 released 2022-08-31

  • pass extra parameters in storage ops when generating a download link (e02cdfe)

0.5.10 released 2022-08-31

  • allow specifying content type for backend-generated download links (6e72571)

0.5.9 released 2022-03-01

  • fix links view mixin to support proper mro (4e67f4b)

  • add StorageOperations wrapper/mixin (2db0ae0)

  • allow served filename to be different (4a643c5)

  • change plugin spec requirement from keg to flask (a2ffdbb)

  • fix itsdangerous deprecations by replacing usage with authlib (a1b389c)

0.5.8 released 2022-01-17

  • add py.typed for PEP 561 compatibility (c5731f5)

  • ensure paths passed to copy are resolved to the root path (1cab726)

0.5.7 released 2021-12-14

  • add copy method and related CLI for s3 and local backends (02003a8)

  • CircleCI config fix for python versions present (19c1881)

  • update tox for python versions present in CI (818527b)

0.5.6 released 2021-01-26

  • Support latest version of Azure SDK (6ffff6a)

  • Added usage notes for URLs created with the S3 link_to method (4c60eb2)

  • Fix typo in documentation (6c6eb8e)

0.5.5 released 2020-05-19

  • Allow callers to specify port to use for SFTP connections (a880b3e)

0.5.4 released 2020-05-14

  • Support direct upload / download URL generation for all backends (6975227)

  • Add a local filesystem backend (6242913)

0.5.3 released 2020-04-29

  • Properly escape paths for SAS token generation (9f126c8)

0.5.2 released 2020-04-28

  • Fix Azure SAS blob upload link permissions (d7a1653)

0.5.1 released 2020-04-08

0.5.0 released 2020-04-08

  • Enable AzureStorage to take a blob SAS URL (8e6e478)

  • Allow AzureStorage to be used with a container SAS URL (#28) (f405d21)

  • Add support for download and upload progress callbacks (#34) (468fec8)

  • Fix config variable naming (#33) (9720e63)

  • Make aws dependencies optional (a2146d1)

0.4.4 released 2020-01-29

  • Create Sphinx Documentation (753ef58)

0.4.3 released 2020-01-28

  • Merge pull request #27 from level12/stdin-stdout-cli-support (aef81c1)

  • Merge pull request #25 from level12/azure-client-version (02c44de)

  • Add noqa to version file to avoid coverage errors (1f4e5c3)

0.4.2 released 2019-11-29

  • Stricter Azure Dependencies (adea745)

0.4.1 released 2019-10-17

  • feat: Make keg dependency optional and improve backend optional dependency handling (e33139a)

  • bug: Fix bug where small files written to S3 buckets were never flushed (bd6c2c0)

  • feat: Add support for Azure blob storage (4141319)

0.4.0 released 2019-09-27

  • feat: Update interface to allow file-like access (7c2a1b7)

0.3.1 released 2019-08-05

  • bug: Make the return type of the list command consistent across backends (53abcda)

0.3.0 released 2019-06-02

  • feat: Enable Multi-Key Re-encryption Scenarios Possible (a0d74a1)

  • feat: Make CLI Click Group Global (41f062a)

  • bug: ensure list operations always returns string (177d4a9)


  • [FEAT] Added Support for AWS Credentials using a Profile

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