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Project description

LineDream is a generative art library for Python. It is heavily influenced by P5 and Processing. However, it takes a more object oriented approach, with less global state in regards to styling and transformations.

The current output target is SVG. As this provides a robust output set for vector graphics. There is not yet support for a draw loop - it is single frame output, but you could use a loop to simulate this. There are future plans to implement an OpenGL render window.

LineDream library was originally created to make art for a pen plotter, however, the inner object structure could be applied to many different rendering platforms.


pip install LineDream



import random
from LineDream import Line, Canvas, Rectangle, Square, Ellipse, Point, Circle, CircleMath, TextLine


for pp in range(100):
	x = random.randint(0, Canvas.width)
	y = random.randint(0, 400)

	coords = (x,y)
	p = Point(*coords)

	p.stroke_color= 'white'

c_size = 180

circle_center = Canvas.width/2, Canvas.height+c_size/2
c = Circle(*circle_center, 180)

c = Circle(*circle_center, 200)

c = Circle(*circle_center, 220)

for degrees in range(360,180,-10):

	dist_from_circle = 250

	line_len = 40
	if long:
		line_len = 100

	d_x_s, d_y_s = CircleMath.distance_to_coords(degrees, dist_from_circle)
	x1 = circle_center[0] + d_x_s
	y1 = circle_center[1] + d_y_s

	d_x, d_y = CircleMath.distance_to_coords(degrees, dist_from_circle + line_len)
	x2 = circle_center[0] + d_x
	y2 = circle_center[1] + d_y

	Line([(x1,y1), (x2,y2)], stroke_color='white')

tt = TextLine('LineDream', kerning=10, stroke_color='white', stroke_width=2)
tt.transform(100, 100)

Custom LineDream Shapes

import math
from LineDream.primitives.BaseShape import BaseShape

class Hexagon(BaseShape):

    def __init__(self, c_x, c_y, radius, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(_close_path=True, **kwargs)

        num_points = 6

        # Calculate the angle between each point
        angle_step = 2 * math.pi / num_points

        for i in range(num_points):
            angle = i * angle_step
            x = c_x + radius * math.cos(angle)
            y = c_y + radius * math.sin(angle)
            self.add_vertex(x, y)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    from LineDream import Canvas

    Canvas.units = "mm"
    Canvas.background_color = "beige"

    # Add a Hexagon in the middle of canvas with a radius of 50
    Hexagon(Canvas.width/2, Canvas.height/2, 50, )'', open_viewer=True)


  • Better document colors/opacity/styles for the SVG
  • Add 'tag' notion for lines
  • Add Group to the example


To push to PyPI run:

python upload

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