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moment-rate oriented slip distribution for SW4 Seismic Waves simulation

Project description

Copyright (C) by Almog Blaer

         __  __  ____  _____        _____ __  __ 
	|  \/  |/ __ \|  __ \      / ____|  \/  |
	| \  / | |  | | |__) |____| (___ | \  / |
	| |\/| | |  | |  _  /______\___ \| |\/| |
	| |  | | |__| | | \ \      ____) | |  | |
	|_|  |_|\____/|_|  \_\    |_____/|_|  |_|


:aquarius: Moment-rate ORriented Slip Model, enables control on earthquakes moment rate timing, as seen from inversions word-wide :part_alternation_mark:

What is MOR-SM?

MOR-SM is moment-rate oriented slip model (kinematic approach), for seismic wave propagation simulation software - SW4 [^1]. The code contains a collection of a few command-line tools for manipulating slip function, time function and source time function, using source physical properties.

General code steps:

  1. Defining the segment's dimensions (width, length and slip) by Goda et al. (2016) [^2] equations for the desired magnitude.
  2. Fitting location parameters for the slip and time functions based on the desired diractivity.
  3. Computing the sliding time (Tr) from stage I and stage II for velocity I and velocity II respectively.
  4. The features above are distributed by the time and slip function on each pixel on the segment.
  5. Generating Source Time Function (STF) for the earthquake you have just set.
  6. Compare your earthquake model to world-wide :earth_africa: inversions, SCARDEC database (Valle et al. 2011) [^3].
  7. Save your file as SW4 input.

[^1]: Petersson, N. A., and B. Sjögreen, 2017, SW4 v2.0.

[^2]: Goda, K., Y. Tomohiro, Nobuhito Mori, and Takuma Maruyama, 2016, New Scaling Relationships of Earthquake Source Parameters for Stochastic Tsunami Simulation, Coastal Engineering Journal, 58, no. 3, 1–40, doi: 10.1142/S0578563416500108. [^3]: Vall´ee, M. & Douet, V., 2016. A new database of source time functions (STFs) extracted from the SCARDEC method, Phys. Earth planet. Inter., 257, 149–157.


 pip install MORSM


 git clone

in the command line:

  1. navigate to Vall2021 directory and extracte SCARDEC:

       $  tar -xf  sourcefunction_archive_all.tar
  2. move the database up one directory:

      $  mv ALL_MOY_and_OPTI_2021_MAJ_till_31122020/* .


  • argparse
  • sys
  • os
  • numpy
  • matplotlib
  • glob
  • logging


usage: [-h] [-v] [-l {CRITICAL,ERROR,WARNING,INFO,DEBUG}] [--logfile log file name] [-p parameter-file] [-o output-file] 
            [--slip | --no-slip] [--database | --no-database] [--stf | --no-stf]

       Moment-rate ORriented Slip Model, enables control on 
       earthquakes moment rate timing, as seen from inversions word-wide

    -h, --help            show this help message and exit
    -v, --verbose         verbose - print log messages to screen?
        Log level (Default: DEBUG). see Python's Logging module for more details
    --logfile log file name     log to file
    -p parameter-file, --paramfile parameter-file
    -o output-file, --outfile output-file       Output SW4 source commands file (see Chapter 11.2 in SW4 manual)
    --slip, --no-slip     shows nice slip model to have (default: False)
    --database, --no-database     depicts SCARDERC database and MORSM event on it (default: False)
    --stf, --no-stf     shows accumulated seismic moment and source time function (STF) (default: False)


MOR-SM relies on research with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Geological Survey of Israel. My thanks to Dr. Ran Nof and Professor Michael Tsesarsky for participating in this process.


Copyright (c) 2021 by Almog Blaer. MOR-SM is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 or any later version. See LICENSE.TXT for full details.

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