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Web client for Mopidy

Project description

Latest PyPI version

Web client providing a clean and ergonomic interface to Mopidy.


  • Dual panel library / tracklist

  • Library / playlists / search results displayed as a single tree view

  • Reorder tracklist with drag and drop

  • Uses the bookmarks extension

  • Configurable hotkeys for playback and volume control

  • Basic color theming

  • Both global and per-client configuration



Mopidy-Mowecl is written in Javascript, and is built upon React, Redux and Material-ui.


Depending on your setup, install either by running:

# When mopidy was installed with pip
python3 -m pip install Mopidy-Mowecl


# When mopidy was installed as a package or pip using sudo
sudo python3 -m pip install Mopidy-Mowecl


Mowecl can both be configured in-app, and through the mopidy configuration file. Values set in the configuration files will act as default values for the clients, that can then override theme as they wish (clients configuration is stored in the browser data).

Here is are the available settings (and default values) of Mowecl in the Mopidy configuration file:

enabled = true

# generic config
seek_update_interval = 500
search_history_length = 10
## set to true for touch_screens
disable_dnd = false
small_screen = false

# theme config
## light or dark
theme_type = light
background_color = #fdf6e3
text_color = #002b36
primary_color = #268bd2

# Hotkeys, use web config to find the right parameters
key_play_pause = space+Control
key_next_track = ArrowRight
key_previous_track =
key_rewind_track = ArrowLeft
key_volume_up = ArrowUp
key_volume_down = ArrowDown


Basic theming is available in the configuration, with the following options:

  • Background color

  • Text color

  • Highlight color

For example, you can use the following settings:

Solarized (light)

Blueberry (dark)

Background color



Text color



Highlight color




Mowecl is a React application served by a python app. Building the application thus requires tools from both the javascript and the python ecosystem.


  • The yarn program

  • The setuptools and wheel python packages (installable via pip)


From the root of Mowecl directory, running the following commands will build the web application,, and then build the mowecl python package in the dist folder.

cd mowecl_react
yarn install
yarn build
cd ..
python3 sdist bdist_wheel
ls dist

You can then install the built package with pip, e.g.

pip3 install dist/Mopidy_Mowecl-X.X.X-py3-none-any.whl


To run Mowecl in develop mode, do the following:

cd mowecl_react
yarn install
yarn start



  • fix release


Note: release file on pypi is bugged, do not install this version from pypi !

  • update javascript dependancies


  • Favorites

  • repeat/single/random playback buttons

  • Option to disable drag’n drop (usefull for touch screens)

  • Small screen option (single panel, smaller buttons). Far from perfect but better than nothing.

  • Many performance optimizations


  • Use mopidy-bookmarks extension

  • Confirm dialog for playlist delete and overwrite

  • Some UI improvements


  • Parse configuration from mopidy

  • Add uri button

  • Fix volume increase/decrease


  • Configurable hotkeys for playback and volume control

  • Some performance improvements


  • Color theming


  • Global hotkeys: space for play/pause

  • Display track length in tracklist

  • Light/dark theme

  • New version notification


  • Search history

  • Highlight of hovered library / tracklist item

  • Some fixes


  • Initial release.

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