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Morshu text-to-speech

Project description


A Morshu text-to-speech program.

This program works by converting the given text into phonemes with g2p_en, then concatenates the segments of Morshu's audio where he speaks those phonemes.


Python 3.7+ (tested on Windows, should also work on Linux and macOS)

Python is not required if you're just using the MorshuTalk executable.


Windows Executable

If you're on Windows and you don't want to install Python, you can download an executable from the latest release on GitHub. Simply download the 7z or ZIP archive (they're both identical) and extract it.

Python Package

If you have Python installed, you can install this with pip:

pip install morshutalk

Or you can clone this repo and run the setup script:

python install

This installs all the packages necessary for running MorshuTalk from the command-line. If you want to use the GUI, you will also need to install PySide6. (It's not included by default because it's a slightly larger download.)

pip install PySide6


Windows Executable

Just run MorshuTalk.exe to start the GUI.

Python Package

Installing the package will add the commands morshutalk and morshutalkgui to your command-line. If those commands don't work, you can run the modules with python -m morshutalk or python -m morshutalkgui.


Run morshutalk to load the interactive command-line app. Simply type whatever lines you want Morshu to speak, then he will talk. To exit, leave the line blank and hit enter.


Run morshutalkgui to load the GUI app. Remember that PySide6 is required.

Type text into the textbox, then click Load to load the audio. Click Play to hear the audio. The Morshu sprite will animate as he speaks. You can toggle the sprite visibility from the View menu.


  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Create a virtual environment and activate it.
  3. Install the required packages with pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. If you make changes to mainwindow.ui, update with:
pyside6-uic morshutalkgui\ui\mainwindow.ui -o morshutalkgui\ --from-imports
  1. If you make changes to res.qrc, update with:
pyside6-rcc morshutalkgui\res\res.qrc -o morshutalkgui\
  1. Use build to create a distributable package:
    1. Install it with pip install build
    2. Run python -m build. A tar.gz and wheel package should be located in the dist folder.
  2. Use cx_freeze to build an executable for Windows:
    1. Install it with pip install cx_freeze
    2. Run python build. The executable and many other files should be located in the build folder.
    3. Run python to remove unnecessary files. (cx_freeze does a bad job at choosing what packages are necessary. This script removes 150+ MB of unused files.)


MIT License

This uses the following libraries:

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

Source Distribution

MorshuTalk-0.0.1.tar.gz (1.3 MB view hashes)

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MorshuTalk-0.0.1-py3-none-any.whl (1.3 MB view hashes)

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